Back to School with Braces? Bust 5 Myths!

Just when you thought you could kick back and enjoy your summer break, your parents had other plans. Off to the orthodontist you went, and now you’re sporting a shiny new set of braces.

Worried about becoming the class joke when you return? Don't be. If anyone tries to spread these myths, here are some facts to set them straight (but not their teeth – they'll need braces treatment for that).

lingual braces


They are not magnetic

Your uncle might have shared a wild tale about a kid getting his braces stuck to a mailbox. This story is just a myth. The “braces not magnetic myth” is not true at all.

In the past, they did contain metals that were slightly magnetic. But, they were never magnetic enough to stick to a mailbox. Different metal alloys are used to make the wires and brackets in these things nowadays. These alloys, which can include metals and non-metals, are not magnetized.

Even ceramic braces, which are popular today, don’t have any magnetic properties. So, you can stand near a mailbox without any fear.

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lightning strike braces


Lightning can’t strike them.

Non-magnetic materials won’t attract anything, including lightning. Magnets can conduct electricity, but the metal compounds used in them won't affect it.

They work to straighten your teeth and realign your bite. They give you a beautiful smile. They won’t trigger a metal detector or interfere with a radio.

The chance of getting struck by lightning is not related to your braces. You can count on your teeth getting straightened.

The topic of “braces and lightning strikes” is interesting. Remember, being “struck by lightning” has nothing to do with your braces.

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braces wont stain teeth


Your braces won’t stain your teeth.

If you can't wait to get your braces off but are afraid they might stain your teeth, don't worry! Just remember to brush your teeth after every meal, and you'll be fine.

No need to fret about the braces staining teeth myth; it's not something you should be concerned about. Just maintain your regular oral hygiene routine, and you'll keep your teeth shining bright and stain-free.

As long as you’re taking proper care of your orthodontics, you won’t have any problem with stains.  Make sure to brush thoroughly after meals and floss every dayMouthwash  is a good bet too.  Avoid dark-colored food and drinks like coffee and red wine, and limit your sugar intake, all of which can cause plaque or discoloration .

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braces cant get stuck while kissing


While kissing, they can’t stick together.

Forget those old 80s romantic comedies on TV. They rarely get stuck to others, just like those retro basketball shorts in those movies. Today's braces have small, secure brackets and wires. They won't cause any worries.

These things operate safely and efficiently now, allowing you to savor your moments without worrying about getting stuck. So kissing with these things is not a problem.

Plus, modern braces are much smaller and less noticeable, so they won't interfere when you're sharing a kiss. As for finding that special someone to smooch, well, we can't play matchmaker, but with your soon-to-be dazzling smile, you're sure to catch someone's eye.. And if you're considering Invisalign clear aligners, they're a discreet option worth exploring. So, no worries about braces getting stuck while kissing – it's a thing of the past!

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nobody cool wears braces


No one cool ever has to wear braces.

Sure, let's simplify that for you. These may not be the trendiest accessory, but they're not just for the not-so-cool folks.

One of the the good news is many famous faces, like soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and A-list actress Emma Watson, have sported them. And surprisingly, They looked even better after wearing them.

Check out red-carpet photos of these celebs proudly showing off their smiles during and after their orthodontic treatments.

Braces are a key treatment option for lifetime teeth straightening. Treatment process is worth the temporary use of metal.

The types of braces include traditional metal braces and lingual braces. Traditional metal braces are made of stainless steel. They often come with rubber bands. Lingual braces are another type.

Straight teeth might even boost your chances of a red carpet appearance. That’s an exciting prospect! Remember, every type of braces is a step towards a perfect smile.

If you're starting school with new braces, don't worry. You're among many who've made this choice.

Remember, they don't affect your safety in storms, and you're free to kiss anyone you like. Just steer clear of cafeteria's mystery meat – no treatment can fix that mess. And remember, there are various payment plans available to manage the cost of your braces.