Ninth Grader in Sheepshead Bay Gives Her Brooklyn Orthodontist an A+ Rating

Two years ago, ninth-grader Bryanna came to our Diamond Braces office in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn NYShe had several issues with her teeth and was ready for a better smile! Luckily, her case was in good hands with orthodontist Dr. Elliot Zharnitsky – or Dr. Z, as he’s known by all his patients.

Dr. Z diagnosed Bryanna with a few different conditionsa midline shift with a crossbite, over-retained milk teeth, and a constricted upper jaw with both a deep overbite and excessive overjet. A complicated case like this might overwhelm a less experienced orthodontist, but Dr. Z has been practicing for years, and he loves a challenging orthodontic case. He immediately got to work designing a treatment plan to correct all of Bryanna’s dental issues with metal braces, which are an effective treatment tool for conditions like these.

Post Crossbite Correct After Braces

Bryanna wore metal braces for almost two years; each precise movement of her braces was designed to treat her crossbite, overbite, and overjet. Bryanna was careful to care properly for her braces, brushing and flossing every day, and visited her dentist throughout treatment for cleanings and check-ups. She remembered what the Diamond Braces team had told her when she started her braces: the orthodontist designs the treatment, but patients must take good care of their teeth for the care to work!

Two years later, her hard work and patience paid off: Bryanna’s got a brand-new sunny smile to match her sunny personality! After debonding, she’s all smiles with our Sheepshead Bay team. She is very excited that she has a beautiful smile now. “I’m very happy,” she tells us. “And I enjoyed coming to Diamond Braces office!” Dr. Z and the rest of the Brooklyn team on Avenue Z were happy to help Bryanna achieve such great results.

Dr. Z notes that Bryanna came at the right time to get her malocclusion corrected: “We could leverage the natural growth phases to make sure her jaw growth was balanced early.” While orthodontic treatment is effective at any age, intervening while the bones are still growing can lead to the longest-lasting, most effective results. That’s why the American Association of Orthodontists recommends kids see an orthodontist beginning at age 7, to determine whether early intervention may be necessary. All our Diamond Braces offices in Brooklyn accept pediatric patients as young as 7 – and several offices offer pediatric dentistry as well!

We’re thrilled Bryanna loves her new smile, but we’ll miss seeing her in the office. Luckily, Bryanna is an avid guitar player, so we’re hoping to hear a hit single about her new smile on the radio soon! Until then, best of luck Bryanna!