What Type of Toothpaste Should I Use With Braces? - Video Guide

in this video,Diamond Braces orthodontist Dr. Jacy Papasikos gives you the rundown on what to look for in toothpaste during your braces treatment.

Proper Oral Hygiene is Important for Effective Orthodontic Treatment

While the orthodontic appliance is actively adjusting your teeth into their correct position, your braces or Invisalign aligners are not the only things that matter when it comes to achieving straight teeth and a healthy, happy smile!

Keeping your teeth and mouth clean, fresh, and bacteria-free is an essential part of your orthodontic care. Without regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits, food or other debris can become lodged between your braces and your teeth, as well as in between your teeth, causing plaque and bacteria to build up. This can damage your teeth and gums, as well as cause unpleasant staining and discoloration.

Furthermore, damage to your teeth and gums can slow down your treatment, and cause other issues to crop up that require adjustments to your orthodontic care. Healthy teeth move faster!

To ensure the effectiveness of your treatment and the long-term health of your mouth, regular brushing and flossing are very important! This leads us to the next question: what kind of toothpaste is best for use with braces?

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For Best Results with Braces, Make Sure Your Toothpaste Includes Fluoride

The most important ingredient in toothpaste is  fluoride .

What is fluoride? Fluoride is a mineral found naturally in your bones and teeth. Many decades of research have consistently found that fluoride is beneficial for the enamel on your teeth. For that reason, dental professionals recommend using toothpaste with added fluoride.

This is important for your oral health at all times, but especially critical for your teeth while undergoing braces treatment!

You can find fluoride toothpaste at any drugstore or pharmacy. The major toothpaste brands, like Colgate, Crest, and AquaFresh, all have fluoride in them. Some smaller toothpaste brands may not contain fluoride, so be sure to check before buying.

Should You Use a Supplemental Fluoride Treatment Like Mouthwash?

Many dentists and orthodontists recommend using mouthwash as a supplemental fluoride treatment. The advantage of mouthwash is that its liquid form can access hard-to-reach places that your toothbrush or floss might miss.

Some mouthwash brands that orthodontists recommend for use with braces:

  • Periogen Oral Rinse  – Prevents dental tartar
  • ACT Braces Care Mouthwash  – Freshens breath
  • Crest 3D Mouthwash  – Remove surface stains
  • Listerine Cool Mint  – Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Colgate Mouth Sore Rinse  – Remove oral debris

Mouthwash is safe and useful with Invisalign as well! Healthy teeth, gums, and mouth are important regardless of your orthodontic appliance.

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