Hawley Retainer: Expenses, Care, Advantages, Colors - Video Guide

A Hawley retainer is a common type of orthodontic retainer. It consists of a rigid plastic or acrylic plate connected by a thin metal wire. This retainer is designed to fit comfortably on the palate, with the wire positioned against the front of the upper teeth.

To maintain the results of orthodontic treatment and prevent teeth from shifting, it is recommended to wear the Hawley retainer every night for life. This retention device can be used after treatment with braces or clear aligners like Invisalign.

While newer designs like Essix and Vivera retainers have emerged, the Hawley retainer remains popular and efficient among orthodontists and patients. A recent National Institute of Health study found that 90% of orthodontists prefer Hawley retainers for the upper dental arch.

Hawley retainers are user-friendly, comfortable, and highly effective when used as directed. Despite the rise of clear retainers, the Hawley retainer continues to be a prevalent choice for maintaining a healthy smile over the long term.

In addition to the Hawley retainer, other types of retainers, including permanent retainers and lingual braces, contribute to good oral health. Stainless steel and tooth-colored materials are commonly used in these devices. Wearing retainers for at least 22 hours a day is essential to ensure the success of orthodontic treatment.

PROS AND CONS OF  A Hawley Retainer

Pros and Cons of

A Hawley Retainer

Several advantages of a Hawley retainer include:

  • Easy to mold to the patient’s mouth
  • Adjustable over time if necessary
  • Plate color can be custom-selected for personalized appearance
  • Sturdy materials are durable and difficult to damage
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable for easy cleaning and care
  • No food restrictions: remove the retainer for all meals and drinking

Some cons to consider with Hawley retainers:

  • More noticeable than other retainers (wire sits in the front)
  • Plastic plate can be uncomfortable
  • May cause difficulty speaking
  • Bulkier appliance may cause irritation to lips, gums, or tongue
  • If not cleaned properly, bacteria may grow
  • If not worn properly and regularly, teeth may shift
  • Requires dedicated compliance
  • Removable appliance can be broken, lost, or damaged

For these reasons, some patients may prefer another form of retainer.

The cost of a Hawley retainer typically ranges from $350 to $600. This price can change based on your orthodontist, treatment location, and case specifics. The cost includes sending molds to a production facility, designing the retainer for your mouth, and shipping it back to the office.

Generally, Hawley retainers are more expensive than clear plastic Essix retainers. However, a single Hawley retainer is designed to last many years, which is longer than plastic Essix retainers.

The cost of your Hawley retainer might be included in the total price of your orthodontic care. If your insurance covers your braces treatment, it might also cover the retainer.

If you need a replacement Hawley retainer, it will likely cost the same as the original, around $350-$600. You might also have to pay extra for the office visit to be fitted for the new retainer. This information is crucial for understanding the Hawley retainer cost and care.

WHAT COLOR IS A  Hawley Retainer

What Color is a

Hawley Retainer?

Hawley retainers offer a variety of custom colors. You can even choose fun designs like watermelon, tie-dye, or stars-and-stripes. The part that adds color is a hard plastic or acrylic plate. This plate is positioned on your palate.

Metal wires connect to this plate. These wires ensure the retainer stays in place. The plate can be of any color.

This feature provides a wide range of custom colors for Hawley retainers. It allows you to personalize your retainer according to your preference.

The retainer sits high on the roof of the mouth, hidden behind the teeth. This means you can choose a bright color without anyone seeing it. To avoid discoloration, don’t choose a light color like white or gray. Vibrant gem colors such as crimson and azure have a long-lasting effect.

Should the retainer fracture, the plate would require re-molding. Next, you have the option to choose a fresh color or pattern.

Choose a color inspired by your favorite color or season. Your orthodontist’s office may offer designs like flowers, cats, or sports equipment. Ask your orthodontist about the options for Hawley retainer colors and designs.

HOW DO I CLEAN  My Hawley Retainer

How Do I Clean

My Hawley Retainer?

Cleaning tips for Hawley retainers are essential for their effectiveness. Always store your retainer properly when not in use.

Wear it every night. During the day, store it in a case. But first, clean it thoroughly.

To clean your retainer, remove it from your mouth. Use a soft bristled toothbrush and warm water to gently brush the entire surface. Avoid using toothpaste as it can damage the retainer’s plastic.

For a deeper clean, soak the retainer in a mixture of baking soda and water. Do this for several hours. However, keep in mind not to make this a nightly routine. The metal wire can get damaged over time.

Soaking the retainer overnight once or twice a month is enough. This ensures a thorough cleaning of the appliance. The storage case can also be soaked to prevent bacterial growth.

After soaking, always rinse your plastic retainer with water before putting it back in your mouth or in the storage case. The same goes for the storage case. Remember to regularly brush your teeth too. Avoid using hot water as it can warp the retainer.

CAN A  Hawley Retainer Move Teeth

Can a

Hawley Retainer Move Teeth?

A Hawley retainer is not designed to move teeth. Rather, it is worn to protect the gains made by your orthodontic care, either with braces or clear aligners. Without a retainer, your teeth will naturally start shifting back to their original positions, so wearing a retainer regularly will stop this shifting and keep your healthy bite and beautiful smile in place. While some minor shifting is normal as your teeth settle into place, regular retainer use will prevent your teeth from shifting out of alignment and requiring future treatment.

If you don’t wear your retainer, your teeth might shift. Your retainer won’t be able to correct this shift. You might need more orthodontic treatment to fix it.

To avoid this, wear your Hawley retainer every night. This can prevent dental drift. Remember, using bonded retainers can also be a good option.