Compliance Program

A corporate compliance program is a system designed to promote and ensure adherence to all applicable laws by the company’s employees, agents and officers, and directors.  An effective compliance program works at establishing and maintaining a corporate culture committed to the highest level of ethical and legal behavior.

The hallmark of an effective compliance program requires that the organization exercise due diligence in seeking and preventing illegal and unethical conduct by employees and its agents.  This due diligence requires, at the minimum, an organizational commitment to establishing a corporate Code of Conduct that represents the corporate philosophy of ethical and legal management.  The organization must appoint and charge a specific individual within its high-level personnel to have the overall authority and responsibility to oversee compliance standards and expectations. 

Compliance additionally requires the organization to thoroughly screen applicants and current employees for any propensity to engage in illegal activity, as well as communicate effectively to employees and agents, the organizational standards and procedures. 

An important component of an effective compliance program is constant and systematic risk assessment, system monitoring, and auditing to detect illegal or unethical conduct as well as having in place and publicizing a reporting system whereby employees and other interested persons can report non-compliant conduct by others within the organization without fear of reprisal.

A compliance program only is effective when standards are consistently enforced through appropriate disciplinary measures as well as taking reasonable steps, when a problem is discovered, to implement corrective action and any necessary program modifications.

To that end, the establishment of and continued commitment to Diamond Braces’ Corporate Compliance Program, from the top down, is a strong indicator that the Diamond Braces brand stands for the provider of choice.

Diamond Braces, Inc. complies with applicable Federal and local civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.

For further information about Diamond Braces’ Corporate Compliance Program, contact our Corporate Office.

Diamond Braces’ anonymous hotline communication system can be accessed through:

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