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Looking for the braces solution near home that really works? 

Diamond Braces is here in Forest Hills, with cost-effective, premium-quality braces for the whole family! 

We’ve served the Tri-State area with industry-leading orthodontic care for over 20 years, and in that time we’ve helped over 100,000 people achieve their dream smiles – and counting! 

From our youngest patients to great-grandparents, we have customized, affordable solutions for patients of all ages – and we can help you pay for them. 

If you’re ready for the straight teeth solution that can help you achieve your dream smile, give Diamond Braces a call and come in for your consultation. 

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Prices up to 30% Lower Than The National Average: Cost-Effective Braces For Real Queens Families Like Yours

We don’t want cost to get between you and your dream smile. Diamond Braces has served patients for over 20 years with our AAA commitment: Accessible orthodontic care, for Affordable prices, with Amazing service. 

We’re 100% committed to helping all New Yorkers get the care they need for the smile they deserve – so we’ve worked hard to keep prices low and rates affordable for families like yours. 

Our rates are up to 30% lower than the national average:* you start saving money as soon as you come in for a visit! 

We offer flexible, affordable monthly payment plans that divide costs into manageable monthly installments. And with $0 down and 0% interest,* you’re paying only for what you’re really getting: superb orthodontic care, nothing more! 

Our helpful, friendly administrative staff takes care of your insurance billing, and manages your payment schedules directly, leaving you free to focus on your orthodontic care! 

Braces treatment begin as low as $0 down and $87/month.* How’s that for a reason to smile?

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From Metal Braces to Ceramic Braces, We’ve Got Braces Option for Every Smile in Queens!

Choosing an orthodontic treatment plan can be overwhelming – but that’s where Diamond Braces comes in! We’ve been treating smiles for over 20 years, so we know a thing or two about how to straighten teeth. 

We offer a wide array of braces options, each one customized to your unique diagnosis and requirements. At your initial consultation, your orthodontist will examine your teeth and help you select the treatment plan that makes sense for you, and our administrative staff will help you design a plan to pay for it. 

Metal braces are the original orthodontic solution, a technique refined for hundreds of years. Thoroughly research and extensively applied, metal braces offer extremely effective, beautiful results for kids, teens, and adults of all ages. The metal brackets are sturdy, comfortable, and pain-free; this treatment is also effective in a very short time-frame. The customizable rubber bands add a fun accessorizing option: many patients match their bands to their favorite sports team, college or university, or seasonal holiday! 

Ceramic braces offer all the effectiveness of metal braces, but clear or tooth-colored brackets offer a discreet look that is appealing to some patients. They blend with your teeth, making your braces treatment subtle and barely noticeable, while still helping you achieve your dream smile! They require slightly more care than metal braces, making them potentially less ideal for younger patients. 

We offer other braces treatments as well, including lingual braces and clear aligner braces. Learn about Braces 101 here!

Your orthodontist is your best asset when it comes to achieving a healthy, beautiful smile. Come into Diamond Braces Forest Hills and meet your orthodontist, who can help you choose the best treatment for your diagnosis and help you win your grin! 

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A Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee, Guaranteed to Make New Yorkers Smile!

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Your smile is an investment: we want you to feel great about the lifetime of your beautiful teeth. And with Queens’ leading providers of braces, this is orthodontic care you can trust for a lifetime. 

Because we are proud of all the work we do, we’re equally proud to offer the Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee* for all our completed patients, so you can feel confident that your Diamond Braces smile is built to last a lifetime.  

You can smile easily, knowing your teeth have a lifelong partner in Diamond Braces.* Learn more about our Diamond Braces Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee. 

Your journey to smile joy begins today. Get started with a consultation, and see how the Forest Hills team can fix your crooked teeth with braces, and transform your entire life! 

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