SureSmile vs. Invisalign: Choosing the Best Smile Treatment

Interested in removable clear aligners to correct your smile imperfections?

Many Invisalign clear aligner brands use different technology to move teeth and improve smile alignment. Today, we’ll discuss the difference between two of these brands: Invisalign , the original clear aligner treatment, and SureSmile, a newer brand on the market that offers a cut-cost version of a clear aligner.

What is the Difference Between SureSmile and Invisalign Aligners

What is the Difference Between

SureSmile and Invisalign Aligners?

In 1997, Align Technology launched Invisalign aligners. This innovation changed orthodontic care. Many competitors have since adopted its design.

Invisalign and similar brands use clear, custom-fit aligners. These plastic aligners gently shift teeth into place, much like lingual braces. They’re discreet and removable for eating and cleaning. This makes them a great alternative to traditional metal braces.

The aligners are tooth colored, which straightens your teeth without drawing attention. This has made them a popular choice for those seeking a subtle solution to orthodontics.

Clear aligners are simple to keep clean. These two are two treatment options. Invisalign has more orthodontic experience.

This leads to better technology. Invisalign has enhanced more smiles than this new brand. This shows their expertise.

You wear the SureSmile treatment for 22 hours per day. But Invisalign’s longer experience gives it an edge.

The Invisalign system offers access to its superior technology, including its patented materials, predictive modeling technology, and  iTero digital scanning .

How Much Does SureSmile Cost – Explained

How Much Does

SureSmile Cost – Explained

Orthodontists promote these new types as a cost-effective alternative to Invisalign. But, what does the cost incorporate?

These aligners are often more affordable than Invisalign treatment. The cost typically includes the aligners themselves, consultations, adjustments, and follow-up appointments. This cost comparison can make it an attractive choice for those seeking orthodontic treatment. When evaluating SureSmile cost comparison, it's essential to consider all the elements included in the overall price.

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Unlimited Aligners vs. Pay as You Go

Unlimited Aligners vs.

Pay as You Go

This new type of Invisalign offers a 3-year treatment package not a 18 months, while Invisalign provides 5 years of unlimited aligners. Orthodontic cases may need more set of aligners than expected, which can lead to extra costs within the 3-year limit.

SureSmile's lower-cost option is pay-as-you-go, impacting aligner quality based on lab fees. These aligners use inferior Essix ACE plastic material, lacking precision, comfort, and predictable compared to Invisalign's SmartTrack™ material.

Invisalign Treatment Can Treat Younger Patients More Effectively

Invisalign Treatment Can

Treat Younger Patients More Effectively

SureSmile was made to fix adult teeth, but it might not work as well for kids and teenagers. Clinical trials of Invisalign treatment have found that its technology is effective in treating orthodontic cases for adolescents 11 to 19 years of age.

These things unlike Invisalign lacks the appropriate instruments for children's orthodontics. This is especially true for children with mixed dentition. This is typically the stage at which individuals have a mixture of deciduous (baby) and permanent (adult) teeth.

Because of this, many doctors prefer Invisalign. They use it for treating younger patients. Invisalign Teen treatment is a popular choice. It specifically caters to younger patients.

So, Invisalign for younger patients is often the preferred choice.

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Only Invisalign Treatment Offers SmartForce™ Attachments

Only Invisalign Treatment

Offers SmartForce™ Attachments

In addition, SureSmile prices are lower because of lower-quality attachments, or treatment without attachments altogether. Align Technology's SmartForce™ attachments improve orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, but only expert providers can use them.

SureSmile Lacks Patient Engagement Tools


Lacks Patient Engagement Tools

Invisalign offers added benefits at a slightly higher price, ensuring a smoother patient experience. They provide a patient portal and app for direct communication with Invisalign representatives. SureSmile primarily works with dental professionals and lacks patient communication channels.

SureSmile does offer benefits for patient-centered care, as noted in a review by the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics , but Invisalign’s patient engagement tools are an added benefit to this treatment.

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Why Should You Choose Invisalign Treatment For Your Smile

Why Should You Choose

Invisalign Treatment For Your Smile?

Invisalign is the first and best clear aligner system, known for its accuracy, quickness, and ability to predict movement. Studies have repeatedly found the advantages of Invisalign treatment in patient quality of life, including a  2011 study out of the University of Louisville.

Invisalign uses SmartForce™ attachments for better orthodontic care. These attachments speed up tooth movement for quicker smiles. The SmartTrack™ material used by Invisalign is comfortable and durable. Easy to clean and fits teeth perfectly.

The National Institute of Health has reviewed Invisalign. They found it highly effective in correcting smiles, just like traditional braces. You can wear Invisalign for 20 to 22 hours without affecting eating or drinking. This makes Invisalign a great choice for a beautiful smile.

Using the latest technology and expert care, the slightly higher cost of unrestricted aligners is usually worth it.

After all, your smile is an investment in your lifelong health and happiness: don't cut corners with your future. Get the highest-quality care you can find: that’s Invisalign treatment.