iTero Element Scanner: The Invisalign Smile Journey Begins With Improved Results.

iTero Element Scanner

Since its introduction to the market, Invisalign™ clear aligners have changed the way the world thinks about orthodontia. They continue to innovate their methods, to achieve straight teeth and beautiful smiles faster, more effectively, and with longer-lasting results.

The Invisalign smile journey begins with the iTero Element™ scanner. An innovation in the world of 3D imagery, the iTero Element has reimagined what’s possible when it comes to orthodontic care.

What is the iTero Element™ Scanner?

The iTero Element™ scanner uses digital imagery to take comprehensive pictures of your teeth, mouth, and dental structure. 3D-imaging technology forms a complete picture of the dental structure, tracks progress every step of the way, and allows your doctor to predict your movements from day one. At 6,000 images a second, iTero scanners catch every aspect of your teeth, including what’s below.

In the past, dental impressions were taken using goopy putty – which, while effective, was time-consuming, messy, and gave only one set of images from which to design orthodontic treatment.

That was then: this is now. The Invisalign system draws on the latest developments in technology to perfect orthodontic care, using state-of-the-art systems that provide a far more comprehensive image of the teeth, jaw, and root systems.

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How Do iTero Scanners Work?

During your first visit for Invisalign treatment, your orthodontist or an assistant will take 3D scans of your teeth with the iTero Element™ Scanner, using a small, handheld wand to scan across your teeth and inside your mouth.

iTero scanners use a combination of optical and laser scanning to take comprehensive intraoral scans and produce full-color images for you and your orthodontist to see your teeth, jaw, and root structure. These images will allow your orthodontist to create a unique treatment plan for your specific dental condition.

The scanning is safe, easy, quick, and painless. Unlike putty dental impressions, there’s no mess, and you won’t feel anything on your teeth. Plus, you’ll see the images appear before you on the screen, allowing you and your doctor to get a full picture of what’s happening in your mouth, before, during, and after Invisalign treatment.

What is iTero modeling?

Unlike a putty model, the model created by the iTero Element™ scanner is a 3D image. It provides the same full-spectrum modeling of a dental impression, plus more: the scanner captures the soft tissue in your mouth, as well as the structures below, for a full image of your dental condition.

This model is the launching point for your Invisalign treatment: your orthodontist uses the comprehensive 3D images created by the iTero scanner to customize a treatment regimen for your unique case using a series of clear aligners.

The iTero scanner also allows for predictive modeling, which allows you and your doctor to see how your teeth will shift in the coming months into their correct positions.

The accuracy and predictive power of the Element™ scanner allow your orthodontist to make an extremely reliable clear aligner therapy treatment plan, with trackable progressive and outstanding results.

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Invisalign Outcome Simulator™: Picture Your Smile Before You Begin

The iTero intraoral scanner provides your orthodontist with the unique ability to predict the movement of your teeth from day one, by modeling the results following specific interventions with your Invisalign clear aligners.

The Invisalign Outcome Simulator™ lets you watch as your teeth are transformed from their current positions into their final, correct alignment are invisible braces. This tool improves predictability and precision of movement, so your orthodontist has that much more control over the small movements of each tooth for optimal results.

Plus, it allows you to visualize the future of your smile, once you are finished with your Invisalign clear aligners.

Is the iTero Scanner Safe?

Yes, iTero Element™ scanners are safe, accurate, and comfortable. You won’t experience any pain — the wand hovers over your teeth to capture a comprehensive image of your dental structure.

It does not use radiation, which makes it safe to use for pregnant patients.

iTero scanners are also more accurate than a routine dental impression using putty – capturing comprehensive images of the entire dental structure, including the root structures and jaw underneath the surface of your teeth and gums.

This allows your orthodontist to design your treatment faster and more effectively, so you can begin your Invisalign treatment right away and get started on your journey towards straight teeth!

Does the iTero Scanner Use Radiation?

No. iTero scanners do not use any kind of radiation. It is safe for use during pregnancy. Designed for patient comfort, it removes the hassle of messy putty impressions and provides fast, predictable results.

The scanner uses laser imaging to create a picture of your mouth and teeth; there is no radiation involved.

How Long Does an iTero Scan Take?

One other advantage of iTero Element™ imaging is the speed — digital scans of your teeth can be taken in mere minutes. Putty impressions take longer, as the molds need to dry, but with iTero your orthodontist can produce images of your teeth immediately. During your complimentary first consultation, you can already start seeing the future of smile, while you’re sitting in the exam chair for the first time!

This allows your orthodontist to get started on your treatment right away. Diamond Braces is proud to offer Same-Day Starts: even if you schedule a walk-in, we’re often able to begin your treatment plan right away based on the iTero modeling.

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The Benefits of iTero Element™ Imaging Keeps You Smiling for a Lifetime

Unlike beauty-shop style at-home aligners, Invisalign partners exclusively with licensed orthodontists for in-office care. For access to the revolutionary technology patented by Align Technology, including iTero Element™ scanner, SmartTrack™ aligner material, and SmartForce™ attachments, get your orthodontic care in an accredited orthodontist’s office from real, experienced doctors.

At-home aligner brands still rely on putty molds taken at home by the customers themselves, rather than by trained technicians. At best, you will get images taken in a store-front by a sales clerk.

The difference is clear: Invisalign clear aligners offer comprehensive technology, precise results, and longer-lasting smiles. Invisalign treatment can transform your health, your confidence, and your happiness without disrupting your regular routine. Invisalign aligners are the clear choice for the future of your smile.