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iTero Element Scanner

Invisalign™ clear aligners have transformed orthodontics, constantly improving to create straighter teeth and lasting smiles. The iTero Element™ scanner transformed orthodontic care, kicking off the Invisalign smile journey with 3D imaging.

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What is the iTero Element™ Scanner?

iTero Element™ scanner: Takes fast, detailed 3D images of your teeth and mouth to track progress accurately.

In the past, dental impressions involved the use of messy putty, which, while effective, was slow and yielded only a single set of images for orthodontic planning.

Today, the Invisalign system has transformed orthodontic care. Using advanced technology, it offers a comprehensive view of teeth, jaws, and root systems. The system is widely used in the United States. It includes options like lingual braces and tooth-colored aligners for discreet treatment.

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How Do iTero

Scanners Work?

During your first visit for Invisalign treatment, your orthodontist or an assistant will take 3D scans of your teeth with the Invisalign iTero Element™ Scanner, using a small, handheld wand to scan across your teeth and inside your mouth.

iTero scanners use optical and laser scanning to create detailed intraoral scans and full-color images of your teeth, jaw, and root structure. These scans are recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists and can be completed in just 22 hours, aiding your orthodontist in planning your dental treatment.

These scanners are essential for digital dental imaging iTero. They provide clear, detailed images for effective treatment planning.

The scan is safe, fast, and painless. Unlike messy putty impressions, it's clean, and you won't feel anything on your teeth. You can also see real-time images on the screen, giving you and your doctor a complete view of your mouth before, during, and after Invisalign treatment.

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What is iTero modeling?

The iTero Element™ scanner creates a 3D dental model, capturing both the teeth and soft tissue, offering a comprehensive view of your dental condition, unlike a putty model.

Your orthodontist uses the iTero scanner to create comprehensive 3D images, serving as the starting point for your Invisalign treatment. With these images, a customized treatment plan is developed for your specific case, utilizing a series of clear aligners. This process is known as iTero 3D dental modeling, ensuring a precise and tailored approach to your orthodontic treatment.

The iTero scanner also allows for predictive modeling, which allows you and your doctor to see how your teeth will shift in the coming months into their correct positions.

The Element™ scanner enhances diagnosis and treatment plans for orthodontists. Its precise accuracy supports the creation of reliable clear aligner therapies. This ensures effective management of oral health.

Orthodontists can track progress and expect exceptional results. The scanner's predictive ability aids in developing clear, successful treatment strategies. This approach significantly improves oral health outcomes

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Invisalign Outcome Simulator™:

Picture Your Smile Before You Begin

The iTero intraoral scanner predicts teeth movement for Invisalign clear aligners from the beginning.

The Invisalign Outcome Simulator™ allows you to see your teeth transform invisibly, enhancing your orthodontist's control for precise alignment.

Plus, it allows you to visualize the future of your smile, once you are finished with your Invisalign clear aligners.

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Is the iTero Scanner Safe

Is the

iTero Scanner Safe?

Yes iTero Element™ scanners are safe, accurate, and painless. They capture a detailed dental image without causing any discomfort.

It does not use radiation, which makes it safe to use for pregnant patients.

iTero scanners are more accurate than traditional dental impressions, capturing detailed images of your dental structure, including roots and jaw. This speeds up Invisalign treatment, getting you closer to straight teeth faster!

Does the iTero Scanner Use Radiation?

No iTero scanners are radiation-free and safe during pregnancy. They offer a comfortable, mess-free alternative to traditional impressions, delivering quick and reliable results.

The scanner uses laser imaging to create a picture of your mouth and teeth; there is no radiation involved.

How Long Does an iTero Scan Take?

How Long Does an

iTero Scan Take?

iTero Element™ imaging offers the advantage of speed. Digital scans of your teeth take mere minutes, while putty impressions require more time due to drying molds. With iTero, your orthodontist can immediately produce images of your teeth, allowing for a glimpse of your future smile during your free first consultation.

Start your orthodontic journey today with Diamond Braces. We offer immediate treatment, even for walk-ins. This is possible due to our advanced iTero modeling and CAD/CAM technology.

Explore various types of braces, including ceramic braces. They are designed to efficiently move the teeth. Our ClinCheck treatment plans ensure a tailored approach for every patient.

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The Benefits of iTero Element™

Imaging Keeps You Smiling for a Lifetime

Unlike  beauty-shop style at-home aligners , Invisalign partners exclusively with licensed orthodontists for in-office care. To access Align Technology's groundbreaking orthodontic tech like iTero Element™ scanner, SmartTrack™ aligners, and SmartForce™ attachments, choose an accredited orthodontist's office with experienced doctors for your care.

At-home aligner brands still rely on putty molds taken at home by the customers themselves, rather than by trained technicians. At best, you will get images taken in a store-front by a sales clerk.

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