Did Direct-to-Consumer Aligners Fail to Fix Your Teeth? Take $500 off for a Winning Smile with Diamond Braces!

So you tried a direct-to-consumer clear aligner kit…and it didn’t work. You’re not alone! For patients seeking a better option after unsuccessful direct-to-consumer aligners, we’re offering $500 off all Invisalign and braces treatments – and this time, you’re getting doctor-supervised care, state-of-the-art technology, and a Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee.


New, Expedited Invisalign Treatment for $2800

Straight teeth in 12 months? Yes!

Introducing Smilify, affordable Invisalign offered exclusively at Diamond Braces for qualified consumers. Expedited Invisalign treatment with results in 12 months, for $2800. Now that’s something to smile about!

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Save Big on a Smarter Smile: College Students Save Up To $225 On Any Comprehensive Braces or Invisalign Treatment!

College students take up to $225 off any comprehensive braces or Invisalign treatment, valid at any of our locations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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Bracket Buy Back Get Invisalign Aligners

Tired of Wearing Braces? Trade Them in for Invisalign Aligners and Save!

For a limited time, you can “trade-in” your braces and finish orthodontic treatment in style with Invisalign aligners! The removal of braces is at no cost to you, and you’ll save $300 off your new Invisalign treatment!

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