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zuzanna and amelia braces

Suzanna and Amelia W.

Brooklyn, New York

Case type:
Excessive Overbite And Crowding

“When I was at Diamond Braces, my treatment was smooth, fun, and easy-going.”

Danny adult metal braces

Danny G.

Hackensack, New York

Case type:
Deep Bite, Excessive Overjet

“Coming to Diamond Braces gave me the confidence I needed at work.”

Ian Teen Braces Patient Metal Braces

Ian V.

New York, New York

Case type:
Spaces, Deep Bite

“Coming to Diamond Braces gave me the confidence I needed.”

Raejeanae Teen Braces Patient Crossbite

Rajeanae C.

New York, New York

Case type:
Under Bite, Crowding, Crossbite

“When I was at Diamond Braces, the whole process was really easy.”

Sidney Teen Braces Patient


Brooklyn, NY

Case type:
Gaps between teeth

“Diamond Braces is amazing! I love it here.”

Lucas Kids Metal Braces


Queens, NY

Case type:

“I love Diamond Braces!”

Francesca teen braces


Bronx, New York

Case type:
Overbite, Crowding

“Diamond Braces was a very comfortable place to be in and everyone was very supportive.”

Annalee kids braces


Queens, NY

Case type:
Crowding, Overbite

“The staff here is really nice…they treated me like family.”