Direct to Consumer Aligners

Did Direct-to-Consumer Aligners Fail to Fix Your Teeth? Take $500 off for a Winning Smile with Diamond Braces!

So you tried a direct-to-consumer clear aligner kit…and it didn’t work. You’re not alone! For patients seeking a better option after unsuccessful direct-to-consumer aligners, we’re offering $500 off all Invisalign and braces treatments – and this time, you’re getting doctor-supervised care, state-of-the-art technology, and a Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee.

Thousands of customers have used mail-order aligner kits that failed to straighten their teeth – or worse, made them more crooked or even caused permanent dental damage.

With thousands of consumer complaints filed against these companies, it’s clear that cheap and convenient does not mean effective.

Diamond Braces offers premium Invisalign treatment supervised by real, licensed orthodontists, with affordable monthly payment plans and a Lifetime Maintenance Guarantee. Our state-of-the-art treatments start at $0/down and $104/month, and we accept most insurance plans.

Diamond Braces exclusively partners with Invisalign, which means your clear aligners are made of patented SmartTrack™ plastic for better, faster results. And with real face-to-face appointments with licensed, professional orthodontists, you can be sure your treatment is safe, effective, and reliable, resulting in a lifelong smile!

If you tried a direct-to-consumer aligner kit and aren’t happy with the results, Diamond Braces is offering $500 off your Invisalign or braces treatment! Save money and achieve the smile you really deserve, with effective, professional orthodontic care designed to last a lifetime.

Don’t settle for an inferior smile. Come to Diamond Braces and save money on a healthy, beautiful, lifelong grin – the right way! This is real Invisalign treatment, by real doctors, with real results.

Find a location near you and get started with a complimentary consultation. For discount, bring proof of purchase of your previous treatment with a direct-to-consumer aligner brand.

Schedule today and save $500!

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