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Diamond Braces has been providing metal and ceramic braces treatment for Manhattan residents for over 20 years. We’ve proudly served New York City and continue to do so with affordable, accessible orthodontic treatment options.

Whether you’re looking for the classic style of metal braces or a less conspicuous option like ceramic braces, our top orthodontists can help diagnose your case and provide the best treatment possible. We offer treatment options for adults and kids, too.

If you or a loved one is ready to start a braces treatment plan, come visit one of our many New York City locations!

WHERE TO  Find Us in New York City:

Where to

Find Us in New York City:

Diamond Braces in Manhattan

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Diamond Braces at East Village, Manhattan

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Diamond Braces Orthodontic Consultation & Scanning Center

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        HOW MUCH DO  Braces Cost in NYC Without Insurance

        How Much Do

        Braces Cost in NYC Without Insurance?

        At Diamond Braces in NYC, your braces costs depend on a few different factors, including: 

        • Your status as a person on Medicaid
        • Your orthodontic condition
        • Payment plans
        • Insurance coverage
        • HSAs, FSAs, and other health saving accounts
        • Promotions
        • And more!

        But generally speaking, our braces treatment plans cost anywhere from $1,700 to $13,000 with flexible payment plans starting as low as $0 down and $87/month.

        We offer both tried-and-true metal braces as well as ceramic braces, which offer a less conspicuous aesthetic when compared to their metal brethren. Speak with a Diamond Braces orthodontist to determine which treatment option is best for you or your child’s case.

          HOW MUCH DO  Braces Cost in NYC with Insurance

          How Much Do

          Braces Cost in NYC with Insurance?

          NYC orthodontic insurance will usually cover metal braces, especially when compared to Invisalign aligners, as they are seen as a corrective appliance that can benefit a patient’s overall health. Because of this, insurance companies can cover between 20% to 50% of total costs. That number depends on your insurance provider and what they’re willing to cover. Your number may fall outside of that range due to a variety of factors, including:

          • Case severity
          • Treatment length
          • Experience and caseload of the braces provider
          • Pre-existing conditions
          • And other factors

          The good news is that, unlike Invisalign treatment, braces treatment is almost always considered a corrective procedure and won’t be deemed cosmetic. However, keep in mind that ceramic braces, which also offer a less conspicuous appearance, may be classified as cosmetic appliances after all.

          The best course of action prior to starting treatment would be to talk with your insurance provider and see what options are available for you. Know too that many orthodontic providers offer flexible payment plans that can help offset costs if insurance covers too little. Consult your insurance provider before pursuing orthodontic treatment to determine how much, if any, coverage you’ll receive for your case.

              CAN I GET  Free Braces in NYC

              Can I Get

              Free Braces in NYC?

              Patients who are enrolled in Medicaid or children of individuals enrolled in Medicaid can receive the costs of their treatments fully covered by these services. However, Medicaid has a strict requirement for orthodontic patients who want to pursue this path. 

              You or your child’s orthodontic condition must be deemed “debilitating” or “handicapping” by your general dentist, who will then refer you to an orthodontist. Then, you or your child will need to begin orthodontic treatment through that orthodontist. Be advised that only metal braces will be offered as a treatment option through this program.

              Your state’s Medicaid office can give you exact details and procedures, so consider reaching out to them before pursuing any sort of orthodontic care. 

                CAN I GET  Cheap or Affordable Braces in New York City

                Can I Get

                Cheap or Affordable Braces in New York City?

                If insurance or Medicaid aren’t options for you or your family, you can always use an HSA or FSA to help cover costs. Most orthodontic providers can also offer flexible payment plans to help offset costs.

                  WHAT IS THE  Cheapest Price for Braces in New York City

                  What is the

                  Cheapest Price for Braces in New York City? 

                  Traditional metal braces treatments generally start around $3,600 when factoring in labor, materials, and case severity. More severe cases will result in longer treatment times, causing your treatment price to rise. Minor cases will, of course, cost less, due to the limited amount of resources necessary to complete treatment. 

                  These costs can be further reduced with programs or dental insurance. Insurance providers can cover a percentage of your costs, and qualified patients can receive discounted or free braces through different governmental programs.

                  WHERE CAN I    Adult Braces in NYC

                  Where Can I 

                   Adult Braces in NYC?

                  You can get adult braces at Diamond Braces in New York City! Our orthodontists are here to help diagnose your particular case and help you work towards that beautiful, Diamond smile you’ve always dreamed of. While it’s true that orthodontic treatment should be performed at a young age, it’s never too late to correct your smile. 

                  There are a number of added health benefits from straightening your teeth, such as improved speaking, better digestion, fewer risks of cavities and other oral diseases, and even improved self-confidence!

                    IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET  Braces During My First Appointment

                    Is It Possible to Get

                    Braces During My First Appointment?

                    Yes! Diamond Braces in Manhattan offers same-day starts for our orthodontic patients. We do this thanks to several high-tech tools like intraoral scanners and 3D printing.

                    First, we’ll take a scan of your entire dentition, giving our doctors a 3D model of your teeth. Then, they’ll examine your teeth and offer the best possible treatment plan for your smile. We’ll then use that same 3D scan to create a tray where your brackets will be placed and attached to your teeth using dental cement. Your doctor will then install the archwire and attach your braces using colored bands. Once that’s complete, you’ve officially started your orthodontic journey!

                          CAN YOU PAY FOR  Braces Monthly in New York City

                          Can You Pay for

                          Braces Monthly in New York City? 

                          Of course – most NYC orthodontic providers will allow you to pay for your braces treatment through a flexible monthly payment plan. These plans may include considerations such as no money down, no interest, or small monthly payments that will allow you to spread out the total cost of your treatment over several months.

                          Diamond Braces in NYC offers flexible monthly plans as low as $89/month with $0 down and 0% financing. We believe orthodontic care should be affordable and accessible to patients of all backgrounds, which is why we offer so many flexible payment options for our NYC patients.

                            WHAT IS THE  Average Cost of Braces in NYC in 2021

                            What is the

                            Average Cost of Braces in NYC in 2021?

                            In 2021, NYC braces patients can expect to pay anywhere from $1,700 to $13,000 for comprehensive braces treatment. These numbers can vary based on a few criteria, including:

                            • Case severity
                            • Insurance coverage
                            • HSAs, FSAs, and other health saving accounts
                            • Promotions
                            • Payment options determined by your orthodontic care provider
                            • And more!

                            At Diamond Braces, we have different braces options to suit your needs. We offer traditional metal braces as well as ceramic braces, which offer a less conspicuous aesthetic when compared to their metal brethren, with flexible payment plans starting as low as $0 down and $87/month. Speak with one of our team members to determine which treatment option is best for you or your child’s case.

                            WHERE CAN I GET   Kid’s Braces in NYC

                            Where Can I Get 

                            Kid’s Braces in NYC?

                            Diamond Braces is home to pediatric orthodontists in NYC. Our kid-friendly doctors are experts on growing mouths and will help your child towards a lifetime of healthy, happy teeth. Kids are just like adults, in that they want to be healthy and confident in their appearance, which is why it’s so crucial to get kids the orthodontic care they need. Kids with straightened teeth are more confident, have better digestion, speak clearly, and are less likely to suffer from mouth and gum disease.

                            Our Diamond Braces orthodontists in NYC will also help educate you and your child on proper oral care habits, including brushing, flossing, and braces maintenance. Don’t worry if your child has an emergency — we factor accidents and the like into the overall price of treatment!

                            HOW LONG DOES  Braces Treatment Last

                            How Long Does

                            Braces Treatment Last?

                            Braces treatments, on average, last for 16-20 months. Some cases require more treatment time, others require less – it depends on your given care. Regardless of your condition, our Diamond Braces NYC braces experts will formulate the best treatment plan possible to help you start and finish treatment as quickly as possible. This way, you can achieve the Diamond smile of your dreams sooner rather than later. 

                              VISIT THE TOP BRACES ORTHODONTISTS  At Diamond Braces in Manhattan

                              Visit the Top Braces Orthodontists

                              At Diamond Braces in Manhattan!

                              If you’re finally ready to take that first step towards the Diamond smile of your dreams, come visit Diamond Braces in NYC. You can schedule a consultation with one of our top orthodontists, who will review your case and help start you on your orthodontic journey. To do so, simply visit and click “Book Now.” It’s that easy!