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For over 20 years, Diamond Braces has provided Metal and Ceramic Braces Manhattan. We take pride in serving New York City with affordable, accessible Orthodontic Treatment Options NYC.

Are you considering the classic style of metal braces? Or perhaps you prefer a less noticeable option like ceramic braces? Our top orthodontists are here to diagnose your case and provide the best treatment possible. We cater to both adults and children.

If you or a loved one is considering wearing braces, we invite you to visit our Convenient Orthodontic Locations in New York City. We offer a variety of options, including lingual braces and ligating braces, to help straighten your teeth.

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Where to

Find Us in New York City:

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        HOW MUCH DO  Braces Cost in NYC Without Insurance

        How Much Do

        Braces Cost in NYC Without Insurance?

        At Diamond Braces in NYC, your braces costs depend on a few different factors, including: 

        • Your status as a person on Medicaid
        • Your orthodontic condition
        • Payment plans
        • Insurance coverage
        • HSAs, FSAs, and other health saving accounts
        • Promotions
        • And more!

        But generally speaking, our treatment plans cost anywhere from $1,700 to $13,000 with flexible payment plans starting as low as $0 down and $87/month.

        We offer both tried-and-true metal braces as well as ceramic braces, which offer a less conspicuous aesthetic when compared to their metal brethren. Speak with a our orthodontist to determine which treatment option is best for you or your child’s case.

        HOW MUCH DO  Braces Cost in NYC with Insurance

        How Much Do

        Braces Cost in NYC with Insurance?

        In New York City, an insurance plan often covers metal braces. These things are seen as a health benefit. They are compared to Invisalign aligners, which are plastic trays you wear as a retainer.

        Insurance companies may cover 20% to 50% of the total costs. The exact coverage depends on your insurance provider. They decide what they’re willing to cover. This makes metal braces more affordable for many patients.

        Your number may fall outside of that range due to a variety of factors, including:

        • Case severity
        • Treatment length
        • Experience and caseload of the braces provider
        • Pre-existing conditions
        • And other factors

        People typically see the treatment as a corrective procedure rather than cosmetic, unlike Invisalign. However, note that ceramic braces, which are less noticeable, might be considered cosmetic.

        Before starting treatment, discuss your options with your insurance provider. Many orthodontic providers offer flexible payment plans to help with costs, especially if insurance coverage is limited. Consult your insurance provider before pursuing orthodontic treatment to understand the coverage for your case.

        If you have concerns about crooked teeth, braces, including stainless steel or ceramic options, can effectively move the teeth into the desired position. Maintaining good oral hygiene by regularly brushing and flossing is crucial during treatment to prevent gum disease. To assess your financial options, talk to your insurance provider and inquire about available coverage for them. Additionally, consider discussing flexible payment plans with your orthodontic provider to manage costs effectively.

        CAN I GET  Free Braces in NYC

        Can I Get

        Free Braces in NYC?

        Patients who are enrolled in Medicaid or children of individuals enrolled in Medicaid can receive the costs of their treatments fully covered by these services. However, Medicaid has a strict requirement for orthodontic patients who want to pursue this path.

        You or your child’s orthodontic condition must be deemed “debilitating” or “handicapping” by your general dentist, who will then refer you to an orthodontist. Then, you or your child will need to begin orthodontic treatment through that orthodontist. Be advised that only metal braces will be offered as a treatment option through this program.

        Your state’s Medicaid office can give you exact details and procedures, so consider reaching out to them before pursuing any sort of orthodontic care.

        CAN I GET  Cheap or Affordable Braces in New York City

        Can I Get

        Cheap or Affordable Braces in New York City?

        For those without insurance or Medicaid options in New York City, considering an HSA or FSA can assist in managing dental care costs. Numerous orthodontic providers in the city offer flexible payment plans, enhancing affordability.

        Experienced orthodontists, known for providing high-quality dental care, can be found conveniently located throughout NYC. These professionals offer affordable these things tailored for both adults and kids.

        When selecting a provider, prioritize experience and accessibility to ensure a comprehensive dental care plan. Remember, a well-crafted dental care strategy contributes to a healthier and happier smile. Explore options carefully, considering the cost of braces and seeking out providers committed to offering affordable solutions for everyone.

        In summary, those navigating the challenge of finding affordable dental care in New York City can benefit from HSAs or FSAs, flexible payment plans, and the expertise of experienced orthodontists. Prioritizing a comprehensive dental care plan and exploring affordable braces for adults and kids can lead to a brighter, healthier smile.