Diamond Braces Retainer Replacement Program for a Lifetime

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Protect Your Smile with

our Lifetime Retainer Replacement Program

Diamond Braces offers patients who start and finish orthodontic treatment with us a lifetime retainer replacement package. This way, you can save money on potential retainer emergencies and protect one of your biggest investments – your smile. Rest assured; we’ll always have your back.

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Program Details

With our lifetime retainer replacement program, patients will receive up to 2 replacement removable clear retainers per year for life or as long as Diamond Braces is in business. These retainers may be made for the upper or lower arches. Any additional retainers requested outside of the allotted two will incur the standard replacement fee.

The plan takes effect on the date of purchase for each patient and renews on that date each year. The cost is a one-time, flat fee of $1150 that can be paid off over time with a payment plan. Patients can enroll at any point during or after treatment.

How to Qualify

To qualify, individuals must be orthodontic patients who started and completed treatment with Diamond Braces – that’s it!


  • Save money in the long run
  • Ensure your valuable investment in oral care is protected
  • Eases anxieties if retainers are lost or damaged


  • Orthodontic patients who have not received care at Diamond Braces are not eligible for this program
  • Existing fixed retainers cannot be replaced with another fixed retainer under this program and will instead be replaced with clear retainers

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