Braces Made Reasonable in Gravesend, Brooklyn

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Are you tired of hiding your smile? Ready to fix those crooked teeth? Or do you have a child who’s ready for braces? Whatever your orthodontic needs, the Diamond Braces office on Avenue U is here to help! We offer comprehensive, quality braces for kids, teens, and adults of all ages. 

Whatever issues you’re having with your teeth, Diamond Braces can help transform them into a beautiful smile! Schedule your initial consultation and get started on a journey towards dental happiness today!

Brooklyn Orthodontists with a AAA Commitment

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At Diamond Braces, we believe everyone should be able to achieve the smile of their dreams. That’s why we’re 100% devoted to our AAA commitment: Accessible orthodontic care, at Affordable prices, with Amazing Service. Our AAA care commitment means you really can get your dream smile, with results that last. And you don’t have to strain your wallet to make it happen. 

We work hard to make sure everyone in the Gravesend community can afford the orthodontic care they need and deserve. 

That’s why our braces treatments begin as low as $0/down and $104/month. *

We accept most forms of insurance, as well as HSA, FSA, HRA, and LCFSA plans to help further defray the cost of treatment. We do the billing for you, so you don’t have to worry. 

We also offer 0% financing, with flexible monthly payment plans that ensure you can get your braces without a large up-front sum! For $104/month,* you can achieve a smile that makes you want to grin! 

We never compromise on quality: our braces treatments are delivered with the highest levels of care and expertise. We use state-of-the-art technology and face-to-face consultations to ensure that your treatment is progressing properly. 

If you’re ready for braces you can really afford, with results that you’ll really love, come by our Avenue U office for your initial consultation.

World-Class Braces Treatment in Your Brooklyn Backyard!

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Did you know that the finest quality braces treatment is available right here in Gravesend? That’s right! 

We offer a full suite of braces options, from metal to ceramic, with lots of customizable options in between, right here on Avenue U. All work is done on-site, which means you never have to travel for X-Rays, diagnostic records, treatment, or follow-up. 

There are many options for orthodontic care, and we never want you to feel overwhelmed. From your very first consultation, our orthodontic team at Diamond Braces Gravesend will make sure you understand the various treatments, and help you select the one that makes sense for you. This is braces treatment by Brooklyn’s finest orthodontists!

Metal braces, for instance, are the most traditional option for braces, but still one of the most popular for their effective results and ease of treatment. With traditional braces, metal brackets are affixed to the teeth, connected by a metal wire. This allows your orthodontist to slowly shift the teeth to their correct positions. This safe, effective treatment has been perfected through the years, ensuring a regimen that really works, and lasts. 

Because they are sturdy and difficult to break, metal braces can be an excellent treatment option for younger patients, athletes, or those with an active lifestyle. Plus, the colorful rubber bands that affix the brackets can be a fun accessorizing option for people of all ages! Consider black and orange for Halloween or your favorite team colors for just about any time!

For those seeking the effective results of braces with a more discreet appearance, ceramic braces are an excellent option. Clear or tooth-colored resin is used for the brackets, as opposed to metal, which makes for a subtle look that lessens the appearance of braces. Ceramic braces work in a similar fashion but may be appealing for older adolescents or adult patients. The brackets stain more easily, so they may be less than ideal for younger patients. 

There are other aspects of braces to choose from as well, so it’s important to come into the office and discuss options with your orthodontist. Schedule a consultation to begin.

Your Beautiful Smile is Waiting on Avenue U

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If you’re looking for more information about braces, find out more with our Braces 101! 

And if you’re ready to start a smile journey that lasts, schedule a consultation at our Avenue U office in Gravesend. We look forward to meeting you – and your teeth!