Affordable Invisalign by World-Class Doctors at Diamond Braces Avenue U, Gravesend, Brooklyn, New York

Did you know affordable Invisalign is available right here in Gravesend? That’s right!

Diamond Braces is proud to be part of the Gravesend community, Brooklyn. Located in the heart of the neighborhood, at 79 Avenue U, Diamond Braces offer comprehensive Invisalign treatment from some of the most experienced orthodontists in the Tri-State area. 

We offer competitive pricing, flexible payment options, and post-treatment guarantees. We’ve been providing New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut with beautiful smiles for 20 years, and in that time we’ve served 100,000 happy patients – and counting! 

Schedule a consultation to get started with Invisalign from Diamond Braces, and begin your journey towards a winning grin! 

Invisalign in Brooklyn as low as $0/down and $104/month: Talk About Something to Smile About!

diamondbraces Gravesend Brooklyn NY Invisalign Kids and Teens

We’re serious about smiles. That means Diamond Braces Gravesend is 100% committed to helping everyone achieve the smile of their dreams. We offer some of the highest-quality Invisalign treatment in the Tri-State area, at low prices that make it truly possible to obtain straight, beautiful teeth. 

At Diamond Braces on Avenue U, Invisalign treatments begin at $0/down and $104/month. *

We offer 0% financing and flexible payments plans built on your schedule, your budget, and your dental requirements. 

Diamond Braces is proud to partner with most insurance plans to help you cover the costs of your orthodontic treatment. Plus, we accept most FSA, HSA, HRA, and LCFSA plans to help further defray costs. 

With no money down, you can begin your path towards a beautiful smile. Our friendly administrative staff at the Gravesend office will help you custom create a payment plan that works for you, and our customer service representatives are available by phone 7 days a week. 

Diamond Braces stands by our AAA commitment: Accessible orthodontic care, at Affordable prices, with Amazing results. We want everyone in New York to smile with confidence, so we work hard to live by that commitment every day, with every patient, for each smile. 

Ready for your confident smile? Schedule a consultation today!

Effective, Discreet Invisalign Treatment in the Heart of Gravesend

diamondbraces Gravesend Brooklyn NY Clear Aligners

Are you looking for braces that don’t look like braces? If you’d like to fix your teeth but don’t want to get metal braces stuck to your teeth, then Invisalign could be the treatment for you. This revolutionary aligner therapy is changing the way people think about orthodontic care. 

Instead of metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses a series of clear, plastic, removable trays to gently and gradually move your teeth over time.

Your care is managed and supervised by an experienced, competent orthodontist from our Gravesend office. Everything, from X-Rays to treatment to follow-up, is done on-site, ensuring your care is effective and properly managed. Face-to-face consultations allow your orthodontist to follow your progress closely, keeping you on track and ensuring you don’t have to pay for further treatment. 

All of our orthodontists are 100% U.S. trained and licensed, with ample experience in all forms of orthodontic care. 

Diamond Braces is proud to have achieved the elite Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider status. This means we’re in the top 1% of Invisalign providers, with the most experience and skill in treating even the most complex cases with Invisalign. This is truly expert care by Brooklyn finest Invisalign providers!

You don’t need to travel the world to find your beautiful, straight smile: in fact, you don’t even need to leave Gravesend! 

Diamond Braces has been treating teeth for 20 years, with 100,000 satisfied patients. Are you next? Schedule a consultation and get started today!

Now Offering Expedited Invisalign Treatment for $2800 

Diamond Braces Gravesend is thrilled to announce a new, expedited Invisalign program for qualified consumers. ‘Smilify’ is a full-service Invisalign treatment that can be completed in as little as 6 months! 

This comprehensive treatment includes X-Rays, full diagnostic records, 24 sets of aligners, and 2 sets of retainers, for just $2800. *

Learn more about Smilify – and then schedule a consultation with our orthodontists on Avenue U to see if this treatment can help you achieve your beautiful smile!*

A Beautiful Smile Awaits You Around the Corner on Avenue U!

If you’ve long been bothered by your crooked teeth, your solution is around the corner – literally! Our bright, airy Gravesend office is accepting new patients – we’d love to meet you! We’ve helped thousands of people achieve their dream smiles. Let us help you next! 

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