Inexpensive Invisalign Options in Bethpage, Long Island

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There’s never been a better time to straighten your teeth and achieve the smile you’ve been waiting for. Diamond Braces has been perfecting the smiles of children and adults up and down the Long Island Sound, offering state-of-the-art Invisalign treatments at cost-effective rates. 

With a team of U.S. trained and certified orthodontists, and a friendly support staff, we guarantee that your experience with Diamond Braces will be a rewarding one, helping you straighten your teeth, correct your bite, and put your best smile forward. 

If you’re embarrassed by your smile and want to begin your journey towards dental perfection, come to Diamond Braces in Bethpage for a consultation. 

Invisalign Made Easy and Accessible 

Diamond Braces’ AAA commitment means working to ensure everyone in the Tri-State area gets the smile they deserve. Our rates are below the national average, helping you save up to 30% of the average cost of braces. *

Our Invisalign treatments are simple and effective, starting as low as $0 and $104 a month*

We offer interest-free payment plans, and take insurance and FSA/HSA plans to help supplement the cost. Our staff is happy to work with you to make a payment plan to ensure you can get the smile you want at the price you can afford. 

If you’re on Long Island and you’re ready to straighten your teeth, Invisalign by Diamond Braces can help you achieve your dream. 

The Ease of Invisalign with the Perks of Local Long Island Service

diamondbraces Bethpage Long Island Invisalign Orthodontists

Mail-order alignment kits have gained popularity in recent years, but unfortunately, these kits often do more harm than good. For the best treatment that lasts a lifetime, nothing beats face-to-face consultations with a licensed orthodontist. 

Our local team in Bethpage can help you perfect your teeth seamlessly, efficiently, and with results you can trust far into the future. 

All of our orthodontists are licensed and trained in the U.S. They are all certified Diamond Plus Invisalign Providers, which means they have the most experience providing Invisalign to the most patients

All x-ray and 3D-imaging is done on-site, and you’ll never have to travel for your consultations, so our Hempstead Turnpike office can serve you every step of the way. From your initial consultation to the day you are finished with Invisalign, our friendly Bethpage team has your back (And your teeth!). 

Invisalign Designed For You

Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that provides all the lasting benefits of traditional braces without the metal brackets. 

Instead, we fit you with custom-designed plastic trays that fit over your teeth, gradually shifting them into their correct positions for a winning smile that will last a lifetime. 

Whether it’s crowded teeth, extra spacing, over/underbite, or improper alignment, our world-class orthodontists will design the ideal treatment for your specific needs. Face-to-face consultation with your provider ensures that your progress unfolds smoothly and efficiently, shortening the time you need to wear your aligners. 

And when your treatment is complete, our Bethpage team will be thrilled to present you with our Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee, so you can feel confident that Diamond Braces has given you a smile to last forever. 

Long Island is Smiling Wide Thanks to Diamond Braces! 

diamondbraces Bethpage Long Island Orthodontists

Diamond Braces has been in the orthodontics industry for a long time: over 20 years, to be exact. Over that time, we’ve perfected the smiles of 100,000 happy patients – and counting! 

Patients across New York and the Tri-State area have loved the service they’ve received from the many Diamond Braces locations. On Long Island, our office on Hempstead Turnpike has been helping islanders achieve the smiles of their dreams. Read the reviews of our office: it’s clear that Diamond Braces has perfected the art of perfecting your teeth. 

Whatever your concerns with your teeth, Diamond Braces has the expertise to turn your dream smile into a reality. Our customized Invisalign treatment can help you feel great about your teeth. 

Schedule your initial consultation today and get started on your journey to dental perfection!