Affordable Braces Available in Staten Island, New York

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Dreaming of a beautiful smile? You can do more than dream! Diamond Braces on Staten Island offers quality braces treatments with lasting results for a price you really can afford. 

Whether you’re looking for braces for yourself or your child or teenager, Diamond Braces has excellent braces treatments for you. We offer comprehensive, full-service care, with all treatment done on-site in our office on Richmond Ave. 

Don’t think you have to get off Staten Island for world-class orthodontic care! If you’re here and looking for a solution to your crooked teeth, our local practice is fully equipped to help. 

Schedule an initial consultation and start your journey towards a gorgeous smile today! 

At $0/down and $86/month, Our Staten Island Team is Serious About Affordable Braces! 

We want everyone in New York to get the beautiful, healthy smile of their dreams. That’s why we’ve worked hard to provide some of the highest quality orthodontic care in the Tri-State area, with prices up to 30% lower than national averages. 

Our braces treatments begin as low as $0/down and $86/month* – for the price of your cable bill, you can be fixing your teeth! 

And with flexible payment plans, no money down, and 0% financing,* we are dedicated to helping you pay for your treatment. Cost should never be the barrier between you and a beautiful smile: our friendly administrative staff will sit down with you and help you develop a monthly payment plan to help you cover the cost on a schedule that works for you.

We also accept insurance, as well as FSA, HSA, HRA, and LCFSA plans to help further cover costs. Our administrators will handle the billing and insurance communication, leaving you free to focus on the important thing: your orthodontic treatment! 

And because we want you to feel great about your investment in your smile, we’re proud to offer the Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee for patients who finish their treatment: our promise to you that you and your smile have a partner in Diamond Braces for the lifetime of your teeth.*

If you’re ready for affordable treatment that results in a gorgeous smile, then schedule your consultation at our Richmond Ave practice today! We look forward to meeting you – and your teeth!

Metal and Ceramic Braces, Plus Everything in Between, Right Here in Staten Island

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Diamond Braces is proud to provide a wide variety of braces treatments. You may only be familiar with traditional, metal braces, but there are actually several different kinds of braces treatment. Learn about some of them here, and get a full 101 on braces treatments. 

Metal braces, also referred to as traditional braces, are the original kind of orthodontic treatment, and still one of the most popular.

With metal braces, your orthodontist will affix metal brackets to your teeth, and affix them with a wire. This allows them to gently maneuver your teeth into the correct place, with an impressive amount of precision and dexterity. 

Metal braces are the most popular treatment option for our younger patients, especially kids and young teenagers, since they are sturdy, reliable, and effective. They don’t stain easily, and the colored rubber bands that secure the brackets are a fun accessory! 

For older teens and adults, we often recommend ceramic braces, because their more discreet appearance diminishes the appearance of braces while allowing for the same effective treatment. Ceramic braces forego the metal brackets: instead, a clear or tooth-colored resin is used for the brackets, which matches the tooth and makes the braces much less visible. This option is preferable for older patients because the clear or tooth color of the resin stains more easily, making it less ideal for younger braces wearers. 

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There are other decisions to be made when it comes to braces. Your orthodontist will help you make the best decision for you, by doing a comprehensive consultation, discussing your dental history, and your preferences for treatment. You and your teeth are in great hands with the providers at Diamond Braces Staten Island!

Ready to begin? Start with a consultation! 

100,000 Happy Patients, and More to Come, From New York’s Go-To Orthodontists 

We’re proud to serve New York and the rest of the Tri-State area with quality, affordable braces. We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and in that time we’ve been lucky to provide beautiful smiles to more than 100,000 patients. We’d be happy to have you as our next patient! 

If you’re ready for a smile that makes you want to smile, schedule a consultation with Diamond Braces on Staten Island. Get ready to win your grin!