Cost-Effective Invisalign for Teens and Adults from Diamond Braces in Riverdale, Bronx New York!

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You don’t need to escape the city for quality Invisalign treatment: you don’t even need to leave the Bronx! 

Diamond Braces has quality, reliable Invisalign treatments for kids, teens, and adults of all ages. Whatever your complaint with your teeth, Diamond Braces can straighten them with Invisalign, rewarding you with a beautiful smile that will last for years to come. 

If you’ve been suffering from crooked teeth that make you frown, schedule a consultation today with Diamond Braces. We can help you achieve the smile of your dreams – all for a price you really can afford! 

Get started by schedule with an initial, consultation with the Diamond Braces Riverdale team on 225th St. Schedule a consultation to begin!

World-Class Invisalign by Elite Diamond Plus Providers, in the Heart of the Bronx

Did you know? Diamond Braces has been in practice for over 20 years, providing comprehensive, reliable braces and Invisalign to kids and adults throughout the Tri-State area. In that time, we’ve helped over 100,000 patients achieve their dream smiles – and counting! 

Thanks to our years of dedicated service, we’re proud to have earned the elite Diamond Plus Invisalign Providers status, placing us in the top 1% of orthodontists in providing quality Invisalign to our patients. When you get Invisalign from Diamond Braces, you can be sure your teeth are in the most experienced, skilled hands. 

We do all our treatments on-site, including X-Rays and 3D-imaging. And unlike teledentistry companies, which boast about fixing your teeth without you ever seeing a doctor, we know face-to-face consultations are the key to effective, long-lasting results. Your brief visits will help us keep your care on track, allowing your doctor to make any adjustments to keep your progress on schedule and unimpeded. 

Your carefully-supervised care, safely managed by a licensed, professional doctor, will result in a beautiful smile that will last for years to come. How’s that for something to smile about?

Curious to learn more? Read our reviews to find out how our Diamond Braces doctors make all the difference in our patients’ smile journeys – and their lives! 

Affordability: Part of the AAA Diamond Braces Commitment to All New Yorkers

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At Diamond Braces, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful and healthy smile. We’ve worked hard to keep prices low so that all our patients can achieve the smile they deserve. Don’t let cost get between you and your dream smile: Diamond Braces can help you pay for your orthodontic care. 

Our prices are up to 30% below the national average,* so you know you’re already getting a great deal on Invisalign treatment! 

And with flexible monthly payment plans and 0% financing,* you can pay the cost of your care in manageable installments – without interest. You’re paying for the cost of your treatment, with no extra fees – period.

Invisalign treatments begin as low as $0/down and $104/month.* How’s that for something to smile about? 

We accept insurance, as well as FSA, HAS, HRA, and LCFSA plans to help further defray costs. And upfront coverage means you save money at the beginning, not a later reimbursement. Our staff takes care of billing directly with your insurance company, leaving you free to focus on what matters: your treatment, and your journey towards a healthy smile! 

You can pay for Invisalign. The Diamond Braces AAA Commitment helps you achieve your smile dreams: we offer Accessible orthodontic care, at Affordable prices, with Amazing results. 

Get started today with a consultation, and find out how Invisalign can be yours for less! 

Introducing Expedited Invisalign for Riverdale Patients: Results in 6-Months for $2800 

diamondbraces Riverdale Bronx NY Invisalign Teens Kids

Diamond Braces is pleased to offer an exclusive new treatment option for qualified patients: expedited Invisalign, with a 6-month treatment plan that costs only $2800 

This exclusive offer through Diamond Braces provides all the comprehensive care of our traditional Invisalign treatment, with an expedited regimen that allows for results in only 6 months!*

With full diagnostic records included, plus retainers, and a full set of aligners. Your care is closely supervised by a licensed doctor, and when treatment is complete, you’ll be entitled to our Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee,* so you can feel great about the future of your grin. 

Learn more about expedited Invisalign. 

If you’re ready for a beautiful smile, don’t wait: get started today with a consultation and find out if this treatment is right for you!