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Choose braces, the trusted orthodontic option for Stamford dental patients. Diamond Braces offers a unique approach to delivering braces. Our expert orthodontists assess your needs, create a treatment plan, and ensure a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles. Explore our dental insurance plans today!

If you’re ready to take the first step towards a healthy, happy Diamond smile, visit our  Diamond Braces orthodontists in Stamford, CT  today!

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Complete Braces

Options in Stamford, CT

Diamond Braces offers two types of braces treatment to Stamford patients – metal and ceramic. Metal braces are the proven method for aligning teeth, featuring brackets and archwires that gradually straighten your teeth. Colored bands secure the wire, and adjustments are made throughout your treatment.

Ceramic braces work similarly but come with an added bonus – a less conspicuous appearance. This is because the brackets are made from a special material that is either clear or tooth-colored, creating the illusion of invisibility. In certain cases, the archwire is also tooth-colored, meaning your braces can look non-existent at first glance! This discreet, less noticeable orthodontic treatment option is perfect for Stamford professionals or those who simply want to maintain a clean aesthetic while pursuing orthodontic care but aren’t  Invisalign Stamford CT  candidates.

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Affordable Braces for

Stamford, Greenwich, and Norwalk Patients

At Diamond Braces, we're dedicated to providing affordable orthodontic care to everyone. Our braces start at just $104/month, * and we offer various payment options, including $0 down, 0% financing, and flexible monthly payment plans. * We also accept FSAs and HSAs, in addition to most insura

Despite our competitive prices, we maintain top-quality service, ensuring every patient enjoys a Diamond-worthy smile. Our commitment extends beyond treatment, as we educate you on proper oral care habits and recommend products for a lasting, healthy smile. Discover the benefits of a flexible spending account (FSA) and our payment plans today!

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Your Friendly Pediatric

Orthodontists in Stamford, CT

If your child requires orthodontic care, Diamond Braces in Stamford, CT provides kid-friendly treatment plans tailored to their growing mouth. Our orthodontists specialize in pediatric and teen orthodontics, ensuring your child's oral health is in good hands. We also emphasize educating kids on essential oral care practices such as brushing, flossing, and rinsing. This helps them maintain a healthy and beautiful smile throughout their lives while addressing issues like slowly move your teeth with traditional braces.

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How Braces Straighten

Your Teeth in Stamford, CT

If you're in Stamford, Darien, Norwalk, New Canaan, Greenwich, Westport, Wilton, or nearby, our experienced orthodontists ensure a successful orthodontic journey. We begin with a 3D scan to assess misaligned teeth and create a personalized treatment plan. Our 3D-printed plastic aligners and dental cement secure brackets for gradual tooth movement.

Regular wire adjustments and optional tools like rubber bands aid in the process. After treatment, retainers maintain your teeth's alignment, preventing relapse. For any queries, consult your local Stamford orthodontist about the cost of treatment and more.

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Braces Are Temporary

Your Diamond Smile Will Last a Lifetime

Start your orthodontic journey with braces at Diamond Braces in Stamford, CT. Serving Stamford, Darien, Norwalk, New Canaan, Greenwich, Westport, Wilton, and nearby cities. For more information or to book an appointment, visit our website or call (203) 357-5517. Achieve your ideal smile with our assistance today.! Explore credit cards and inquire about the average cost of treatment options.

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