Diamond Braces Delivers Surplus Masks & Gloves to Hospitals & Healthcare Workers


Diamond Braces

Assists Healthcare Workers in the Fight Against COVID-19

To protect the safety of our community, Diamond Braces made the difficult decision to temporarily close our offices during the COVID-19 outbreak. These closures left us with plenty of surplus safety equipment – and with healthcare workers greatly in need of extra masks and gloves, we knew exactly how to help. Yesterday, Diamond Braces donated a large portion of our surgical masks, gloves, and other safety equipment to local hospitals.  

Diamond Braces is committed to supporting our community through COVID-19. We hope this contribution will help our courageous healthcare workers to fight this disease and keep us safe. Our doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers need us now more than ever: together, we can all assist in the fight against this disease! 

Diamond Braces Is Providing World-Class Emergency Orthodontic Care Throughout COVID-19

Diamond Braces Is

Providing World-Class Emergency Orthodontic Care Throughout COVID-19

To assist our community, Diamond Braces is offering Emergency Orthodontic Care at no cost for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak. You DO NOT have to be an existing patient to receive this free community service!

Contact us for emergency orthodontic assistance:  

  • Broken brackets   
  • Poking/broken wire   
  • Gum irritation   
  • Ill-fitting clear aligners   
  • Other orthodontic appliance malfunctions

Contact us for free emergency orthodontic care. This service is available to everyone at no cost, whether or not you are a Diamond Braces patient!

Together, we can support our communities and emerge from the COVID-19 shutdown stronger than ever. Diamond Braces is proud to be a part of your community, and proud to do our part to assist in the public health effort while still providing world-class, friendly orthodontic care!

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