15th Year Celebration: Diamond Braces Sisters from 1 to 35

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From 1 to 35 in 15:

Diamond Braces Sisters Celebrate Their 15th Year of Service

Two of Diamond Braces’ own, Kimberly Barnhart and Samantha Sanchez, are celebrating their 15th year of service! While a 15-year work anniversary is no doubt an impressive feat, what might be more interesting is that these two employees are sisters!

Kim is a Registered Dental Assistant who now trains other assistants to help them thrive in their roles of assisting patients and team members. Samantha worked her way up to district manager and currently holds multiple roles in the organization. Together, they form a formidable team that helps guide their Diamond Braces offices on the road to success.

“Samantha and Kimberly have been a pleasure to have as a part of the Diamond Braces family since they joined us back in 2006,” said Dr. Oleg Drut, Chief Clinical Officer of Diamond Braces. “I would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication to our company for these past 15 years and hope they continue to flourish as we move towards the future.”

We here at Diamond Braces want to thank Kimberly and Samantha for their loyalty, dedication, and constant support over these past 15 years. Congratulations and here’s to another 15 years of stellar service!