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  • Save $500 off the quoted price of your braces OR Invisalign treatment
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Why Choose Diamond Braces?

  • Prices 30% lower than the national average
  • Most insurance plans accepted
  • Flexible payment plans, including $0 down and 0% financing, for qualified patients
  • Lifetime smile maintenance guarantee
  • Multiple convenient locations with accommodating appointment times
  • Friendly and approachable staff members
  • And more!
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Pay Your Way at Diamond Braces

Flexible Monthly Installments

  • Starts as low as $104/month for qualified patients*
  • $0 down, 0% financing options also available for those who qualify**

Pay In Full

  • Comprehensive treatment plans start as low as $4725 $4225***
  • Insurance may help you save even more*

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*Monthly payments are calculated by dividing the patient’s final treatment price by a number of months. Prices may vary based on the patient’s age, case severity, treatment type, insurance coverage and more.
** Alternate financing options are only available to qualified applicants based on a financial review and available insurance coverage.
***Costs associated with Invisalign clear aligners for comprehensive Invisalign treatment, including the full prescribed set of upper and lower aligners, are covered by the stated price for up to 24 months (for comprehensive) and up to 12 months (for SMILIFY) or until the originally prescribed term is completed.

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Teens AND Adults Welcome!

Diamond Braces in Stamford services both teen patients and adults! This way, you and/or your teen can pursue orthodontic care in braces or Invisalign clear aligners – even together! Diamond Braces offers family discounts for parents and children, multiple children, or any other combination you can think of!

Bring the whole family to Diamond Braces and save!

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This Could Be YOUR Payment!

  • Cost of Treatment
  • Amount Covered By Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account/HSA
  • Down Payment
  • Total Financed Amount

This tool is only to be used as an estimated look at your monthly costs and is not to be considered a final total. Your actual treatment costs will be calculated following a consultation with one of our licensed doctors.

*The figures presented here are used only as an example and do not represent an actual estimate of your overall treatment costs. Final treatment costs are only calculated in a Diamond Braces office after the initial consultation with one of our licensed doctors is completed.

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Commonly Asked Questions

  • 1How does the promotion work?

    Book an appointment using any of the "Book Now/Book an Appointment" buttons located on this site and visit our Stamford office, located at 2169 Summer St, Stamford, CT 06905.

    If you complete your in-person consultation with one of our doctors and begin treatment, you will receive $500 off the cost of your braces OR Invisalign treatment!

  • 2How much does orthodontic treatment cost?

    Before factoring in your $500 discount and additional savings you may have access to, the cost of a comprehensive braces treatment plan is between $3960 - $4800. Factors such as age, case severity, insurance availability, and more can determine the cost of your treatment. Likewise, the cost of a comprehensive Invisalign treatment plan is between $4725 - $5250, the cost of which is also affected by age, case severity, insurance availability, and more.

    Insurance can also help cover costs. We also offer $0 down and/or 0% financing options for qualified patients.

  • 3Does my insurance cover orthodontic treatment?

    Yes, most, if not all dental insurances will cover braces as a treatment option. While you may not have access to the less conspicuous ceramic braces. However, while some private insurance companies cover Invisalign treatment the same way they would cover braces, others may consider Invisalign clear aligners as a cosmetic appliance and thus not cover them. It’s best to check with your insurance company or receive a free quote from us.

  • 4Why should I start orthodontic treatment?

    A healthy mouth leads to a healthy body, and braces can have a massive impact on a patient’s overall health. Crooked, misplaced teeth can trap bacteria and make it difficult to properly clean them, which can lead to the bacteria infiltrating the body. Orthodontic treatment straightens the teeth into proper form, making it easier for patients to brush and allowing the mouth to generate saliva more efficiently, which can lead to fewer instances of bacteria sneaking by the body’s defenses and making you ill.

    You can pursue orthodontic care using traditional braces or Invisalign clear aligners. Both options provide a high level of orthodontic care that will effectively straighten your teeth into proper alignment.

  • 5How can I pay for orthodontic treatment?

    You can pay in monthly installments or all at once – it all depends on your situation. Insurance can also help cover costs. We also offer $0 down and/or 0% financing options for qualified patients.

  • 6Can I use pre-tax dollars to pay for my orthodontic treatment?

    Yes! HSA and FSA accounts can be used to pay for your braces OR Invisalign clear aligners.

  • 7What are braces?

    Braces are orthodontic appliances made from either metal or ceramic material designed to straighten a patient’s teeth over time. Braces consist of two parts – brackets that are placed on the teeth with special cement and a wire that expands around your entire dental arch. The wire is attached to the brackets using colored rubber bands. Over time, your doctor will tighten your braces in order to progress you to the next phase of treatment. They may also recommend that you use external rubber bands to move your teeth in a particular direction.

  • 8What are Invisalign aligners?

    Invisalign aligners are an orthodontic appliance that straighten teeth using removable, transparent plastic trays rather than permanently bonded metal braces. Invisalign treatment is safe, comfortable, and just as effective as braces.

  • 9Are Invisalign clear aligners really as effective as braces?

    Absolutely! Millions of patients have chosen Invisalign clear aligner therapy for its effectiveness coupled with its comfortability when compared to braces. While Invisalign treatment isn’t the right choice for certain cases, there are a growing number of cases in which Invisalign treatment can be used. At Diamond Braces, you also have the option of starting treatment in braces and switching to Invisalign clear aligner therapy later!

  • 10Will orthodontic treatment hurt?

    You may experience some discomfort in the early days of treatment, along with certain times you have your braces tightened or you are switched to a new set of aligners. This is a completely natural feeling that will let you know your treatment is working as it should. Applying the metal brackets or the Invisalign attachments so that your teeth can properly move won’t hurt, either.

  • 11What is the process for getting braces like?

    It’s simple! First, we’ll take a 3D scan of your entire mouth using an iTero intraoral scanner, and supplement that data with x-rays. The doctor will review your current dentition, then send the scans along with some special instructions to our dental lab. Here, the lab technicians will create a custom-fitted indirect bonding tray, which will allow your doctor to place your brackets with pinpoint accuracy. Once the brackets are applied, they will be dried using a special lamp, securing them into place. The archwire is placed and secured using bands colored with your choice of shades.

  • 12What is the process for getting Invisalign aligners like?

    It’s simple! First, we’ll take a 3D scan of your entire mouth using an iTero intraoral scanner, and supplement that data with x-rays. The doctor will review your current dentition, then send the scans along with some special instructions to the Invisalign lab. Here, the lab technicians will create your custom-fitted Invisalign aligners and send them to the doctors.

    Before you place your aligners into your mouth, you may need to have Invisalign attachments placed onto your teeth. This way, the aligners will gently but consistently move your teeth into proper alignment. Our friendly team members will show you exactly how to insert and remove your aligners and offer other tips to help you on your smile journey. From there, it’s all about making sure you’re wearing your aligners for the prescribed amount of time and staying on top of your aligner regimen.

  • 13How long will my teeth stay straight after orthodontic treatment?

    As long as you wear your retainers properly, your Diamond smile will last a lifetime!

  • 14How many hours a day should I wear my Invisalign aligners?

    While your doctor may suggest otherwise, it is common practice to wear your aligners all day. The only times you should remove your aligners is to eat, drink non-water liquids, or brush your teeth, unless specifically instructed by your doctor.