How Can Your Smile Impact a Successful Job Interview?

A smile is the symbol of a confident and successful person and it is definitely an accessory that you should wear to your interviews.

People are usually tensed when it comes to interviews but your tension is always evident in your body language which might affect your performance as well. Your interviewer might think that you are not fit for the position if you do not display your self-confidence.

So, the simplest way to create a good impression on your interviewer is to sport a wide smile and display a friendly attitude.

According to research, it has been noticed that 46% of the interviewers definitely take the appearance of the candidate into consideration while giving their final opinion. 41% of the recruiters have also stated that they judge a candidate even before meeting them from their LinkedIn profiles by reviewing their photos.

So, are you interested in knowing how your smile can help you nail that job interview? Then you have come to the right place. Read on to find out more about it.

A PRE-FIRST  Impression is Definitely Important

A Pre-First

Impression is Definitely Important

As you have already seen the statistics, you should know by now that smiling in job interviews is not enough. You also need to maintain a good profile on LinkedIn and smile in your photos. Your social media photos can speak volumes and your recruiter will definitely be having a look at them before meeting you. Social media vetting is quite popular among recruiters and also 60% of them implement this in their hiring process.

Moreover, your smile will play a big role not only in getting you that job but also in maintaining a steady career path for you. It has been proven time and again that in almost every profession people with better appearances are often linked with higher wages. 

    BAD BREATH IS  A Big No-No

    Bad Breath is

    A Big No-No

    Do you suffer from problems of bad breath? Then it is time that you do something about it.

    Bad breath can ruin your interviews and your first impression on your interviewer or recruiter will be ruined as well.

    Bad breath can be a result of a variety of problems most of which are connected to poor dental hygiene. They can also be caused by dietary factors and some habits like consuming tobacco or alcohol. There are some food items that are known for their lingering smell in the mouth and these include onions, garlic, fish, and even coffee. But these odors are usually short-lived.

    However, if the food is stuck in your mouth and you don’t floss or brush your teeth properly, then these food items can lead to long-term problems of bad breath.

    Plaque buildup on the teeth is also one of the reasons why people experience bad breath problems.

    Recruiters will have a bad impression on you right on the day of the interview if you walk into the room with foul-smelling breath. They will have the impression that you are not concerned about your dental hygiene and if you cannot do that, how can you handle the affairs of the company? In short, this will show a lack of responsibility on your part.

      A STRONG SMILE  Is a Sign of Confidence

      A Strong Smile

      Is a Sign of Confidence

      Being confident can definitely get you way ahead of others competing for the same job position. And a smile is the best symbol of confidence.

      Not only does it create a good impression on the interviewer but it can also make you happy and feel positive during the interview.

      Confidence is the trait of leaders and a recruiter is also in search of those people who have the ability to take the company to the next level. It is your duty and responsibility to showcase the recruiter in the limited time of an interview that you are the one that their company needs. And having a confident attitude is the best way to do it. You may have written a big list of skills in your resume but if those qualities do not really match the person, they do not have any value.

      So, if you are writing that you are an enthusiastic and energetic person then show that. Smile and look into your interviewer’s eyes while talking.

        You are more likely to be looked to as a leader

        Always Have

        A Friendly Attitude

        Having a friendly and approachable vibe about yourself is necessary for doing well in interviews and a smile is an essential factor in that.

        Facts state that three-quarters of the recruiters look for candidates that have a positive attitude. Being enthusiastic and happy are those character traits that you must possess if you want to do well in your interview. Your skills and your ability to do the work that is assigned to you obviously play a big role in getting you the job but the employers will also check whether you can merge will the company culture or not.

        For that, you have to be open-minded and ready to sport any situation with a smile.

        Moreover, when an employee is genuinely happy with the company culture, they tend to stay longer and thus, employers won’t hire someone who has a greater tendency to leave out of dissatisfaction.

        So, now that you see the importance of a smile and what a great impact it can have on your recruiter’s decision, you should lay more stress on your dental hygiene. Go for regular dental checkups and take care of your teeth by regular brushing and flossing.