Can You Wear Braces When You Have Dental Crowns? - Video Guide

Some patients come into the Diamond Braces office wanting orthodontic care but are worried about whether braces work with their dental crowns. In this video Diamond Braces orthodontist and Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Oleg Drut explains how braces work with crowns.

Safe Braces Care with Crowns

To answer the question — yes, it is possible to wear braces even if you have dental crowns. As long as the crowns are well-made by a quality dentist, there shouldn’t be a problem wearing braces with your crowns. If it is a low-quality crown, there may be a risk of breakage or loss, but this issue isn’t caused by the braces.

When your orthodontist places braces over your crowns, they use a special kind of adhesive that is designed to work with porcelain. The glue used on regular dental enamel could damage the crown, so instead your orthodontist will use a special primer and glue to bond naturally with the porcelain.

Invisalign Clear Aligners with Crowns

If you’re worried about bonding braces to your teeth, another great option is Invisalign treatment, as it doesn’t require anything to be bonded to your teeth. Plus, they are nearly invisible when worn, which is a great perk beloved by many Invisalign patients.

If you have more questions about getting orthodontic care with crowns, schedule a consultation with Diamond Braces to learn more!