Do Invisalign Refinements Cost Extra? - Video Guide

In this video, Diamond Braces orthodontist Dr. Oleg Drut explains refinements and how they fit into the cost of clear aligner therapy.

After your Invisalign treatment is complete, your orthodontist might do some additional refining to get your smile just right. Generally, this is included in costs related to your Invisalign treatment.

What are Invisalign Refinements?

After the full length of your treatment, there may be a small area of adjustment designed to achieve your final, beautiful smile results. These are called refinements – they are like the finishing touches on your Invisalign care.

Typically, a refinement will require only 1-2 more sets of aligners to complete the treatment, with only very small adjustments necessary.

Do Invisalign Refinements Cost Extra?

Generally, no — your Invisalign refinements are usually included in your full Invisalign care price. If you’re paying for  comprehensive Invisalign treatment , refinements are usually part of the package.

Every provider is different, however. Ask your orthodontist if refinements are included in your care, or if you have to pay extra for refinements. However, refinements are only final touches, and so the cost will only be for a few extra sets of aligners.

Woman Holding her Invisalign Aligner

Ask About Flexible Payment Plans for Your Invisalign Treatment!

Whatever your Invisalign treatment package, most orthodontic providers offer flexible, monthly pricing, which makes clear aligner therapy cost-effective and affordable!  Ask your provider about pricing plans  to break costs up into smaller, manageable monthly payments.