How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Set of Invisalign Aligners? - Video Guide

In this video Diamond Braces Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Oleg Drut explains what happens if you need to replace an aligner.

Did you lose an Invisalign aligner? It happens! Since you have to remove Invisalign aligners to eat, mistakes have a greater chance of occurring when compared to installed braces. In rare instances, it may get damaged by being stepped on or crushed when it’s not in your mouth.

What to Do if You Lose an Invisalign Aligner

There are various options if you lose or break a clear aligner.  The first thing you should do is start wearing your last aligner from the previous round of treatment — this is the reason you should always keep your last set of trays as a backup.

If you don’t have them or they no longer fit comfortably, you can ask your orthodontist to provide you with the next set of aligners; generally, they should fit fine, and you’ve just jumped a week of treatment. While this isn’t ideal, your treatment will still progress normally.

However, in some cases, your teeth may have not moved enough to fit the next set of aligners, in which case this strategy won’t work.

In those cases, your orthodontist can order you the same aligners that you lost.  This can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 depending on your treatment specifics.

invisalign aligner with case

Proper Care of Your Aligners Will Keep You From Losing Them

While losing an aligner isn’t a big problem, it could cost you money and potentially disrupt your treatment.  The best thing to do is avoid the problem in the first place!

Always put your clear aligners in the protective case when eating. If you don’t have the case, wrap them in a napkin, keep the napkin somewhere you’re sure to remember, and not throw it out with the trash! You can even tuck it into your pocket or bag.

When putting it back in your mouth, rinse it with clean water, or brush it with a toothbrush .

Be sure to clean your Invisalign aligners daily and keep your teeth brushed and flossed.  This will ensure your treatment is not disrupted and your aligners stay fresh and effective!

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