What Steps to Take When an Invisalign Aligner Is Lose or Damaged - Video Guide

In this video, Dr. Oleg Drut explains what to do if you lose or break an aligner.

At Diamond Braces, we’re heard lots of reasons for lost or damaged aligners – but we have solutions to keep your treatment on track.  Losing an aligner is no reason to panic — your treatment will still progress smoothly, with a minor interruption.

Did you lose an Invisalign clear aligner? It happens! Because aligners are removed during meals, this is a common time for them to get lost or damaged. Others disappear at night when they are not properly stored, or get stolen by a curious dog looking for a chew toy!

Always Keep Your Previous Set of Aligners as a Backup

When your orthodontist gives you a new set of aligners, they will instruct you to hold on to the last set of aligners as a backup. This is precisely the kind of situation you need a backup for — even if you lose an aligner, by holding on to the last set, you will have another set to turn to.

Before relying on your backup, see if the next set of aligners fit.

Use Your Next Set of Invisalign Aligners if You Have them and They Fit

Your backup pair is truly a backup — if you lose or break an aligner, the first thing to try is moving up to your next set of aligners (if you already have them at home.)

If you have the next aligners, try them on and see if they fit. Use both new aligners, not just the one you lost — they are designed to work together, so just move up to the whole next series, top, and bottom.

If they don’t fit and they feel uncomfortable or don’t settle over your teeth properly, then this solution will not work.

Use Your Previous Set of Aligners and Schedule an Appointment with Your Orthodontist

If the next set of aligners don’t fit or you don’t have them, then use your backup set, the previous set of aligners. If this tray no longer fits, then simply contact your orthodontist — you may need a new set of aligners entirely.

Whether you use the next set or the previous set, you should contact your orthodontist right away: they’ll want to check the new aligners for proper fit or order you new aligners to keep your treatment on track.

Simply explain what happened, and your orthodontist will schedule you for a visit.

Your treatment will not be seriously disrupted by losing an aligner, and by following these above steps, it will be easy to keep your care progressing smoothly.

However, it’s best for your smile to keep track of your aligners throughout treatment, and care for them properly so they perform at their very best!

invisalign aligner with case

Store Your Invisalign Aligners Properly and Keep Them Clear For Faster Treatment and Healthy Smiles!

Caring for your Invisalign aligners properly will help keep your treatment on track and get you smiling with straight teeth sooner.

Always store your aligners in their case — wrapping them in a napkin is the most common reason they get lost since their clear color makes them nearly invisible and easy to accidentally throw away!

Storing them properly at night is important too  – they won’t get lost, and they won’t get picked up by curious pets, especially dogs searching for a chew toy.

Brush your teeth after every meal to prevent staining on your aligners, and don’t drink any liquids other than water.

Clean your Invisalign aligners regularly –  learn proper cleaning instructions here.

By caring for your aligners, you’ll keep them performing at their very best, and your smile treatment on track for long-lasting results and beautiful, healthy smiles!