What To Do If I Lose an Invisalign Aligner? - Video Guide

In this video, Diamond Braces dental hygienist Kimberly explains what to do if you lose an Invisalign aligner, or if it becomes damaged and can’t be used.

Did you lose an Invisalign aligner? That’s ok – it happens sometimes!

What to Do When You Lose or Break an Invisalign Aligner

When you lose or break an aligner, stay calm: your treatment is still working, and there are several things to do to continue your treatment without interruption. You can always call Diamond Braces, to talk to a dental professional or schedule a visit.

The first step when you lose or break an aligner is to try moving up to the next set of Invisalign aligners.

Switch to the new set entirely, using both the top and bottom set, since each series is designed to work together. If they fit and feel comfortable, just continue with your treatment as scheduled – skipping a little bit ahead will not seriously affect the treatment.  Don’t throw away the aligner you still have from the set you were using: keep it as a backup.

If you don’t have your next set at home, or they don’t fit well, then you can go back to your last set of aligners, from the previous series.  This is why you should always keep your last series of aligners as a backup.  Wear these and schedule a visit with your orthodontist, so they can get you back on track with the next series of aligners.

In certain cases, neither your previous aligners nor your next set of aligners will fit properly – then you need to come into the orthodontist’s office, and they may order you a replacement set for the ones that were lost or damaged.

Whatever happens, it’s no reason to panic –  your treatment will still progress smoothly, as long as you address the situation quickly, and notify your orthodontist!

invisalign aligner with case

How to Avoid Losing or Breaking an Aligner

At Diamond Braces, we’ve heard some wild stories about how patients broke or lost their aligners – ask us about them sometime! – but for the most part, the stories are pretty similar: people throw them out accidentally during meals or forgot to store them properly and they were chewed up by the dog.

Both of these stories  illustrate the importance of proper care for your aligners : store them in their case rather than in a napkin or leaving them out in the open. Because they are clear, it’s easy to lose track of them, especially if they are wrapped in a napkin where they can easily get thrown out.

Dogs love chew toys, and nothing looks more like a chew toy than a poorly-stored Invisalign aligner!  Keeping them in their storage case will protect them from curious canines.

Wear them properly to prevent damage : no eating or drinking beverages other than water with the aligners in. Don’t chew gum or smoke with the aligners in.  Wash them properly every day .

By keeping your teeth fresh, healthy, and clean, and your Invisalign aligners clean and properly stored, you’ll keep your treatment on track and your smile beautiful for a lifetime!