5 Reasons Why New Orthodontic Residency Graduates Should Join Diamond Braces 

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Are You Graduating Soon? Read This.

Picture this: you’re a brand-new orthodontist who recently graduated or is about to graduate. You’ve put in the work, passed all the tests, and threw your cap into the sky to finally call yourself an orthodontist. But you’re left with a question that haunts every new graduate – now what? It can be daunting for new orthodontists to try and navigate the confusing landscape of being a standalone professional running their own business, which is why many graduates opt to join group practices.

Diamond Braces, one of the Northeast’s leading orthodontic group practices, offers recent orthodontic graduates the opportunity to learn under experienced orthodontists, grow as professionals and as people, and hone their skills in a high-tech environment.

Are you a recent orthodontic graduate thinking of moving to the New York City area? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider joining the Diamond Braces team.

diamondbraces orthodontist and assistant work with invisalign patient

We’re a True Orthodontics Company

Many group practices focus on general dental care and offer orthodontics on the side – but not Diamond Braces. Our core business is orthodontics first and foremost.

We’re an orthodontics company run by orthodontists – not private equity people who want to make some quick cash by flipping the business, nor are we a DSO who simply handles the front office tasks. We’re fully invested in our line of work, our company, our patients, and our team members. Our identity revolves around orthodontic services, and our goal is to optimize the delivery of clinical services.

Mentorship Programs

At Diamond Braces, we have systems in place to support new graduates as they experience life as dental professionals. From Day 1, our new orthodontists will learn under the tutelage of a veteran orthodontist, who will help them through the onboarding process and beyond.

One way we go above and beyond for our new orthodontists is offering an easily accessible database that allows them to access patient records from anywhere, letting them ask questions of our doctors regarding a patient’s treatment plan, clinical applications, or simply help with the decision-making process.

Prior to starting on their own, we allow a new grad to shadow an experienced orthodontist to learn the processes we have in place and understand the patient’s flow. That way they know what to expect when they’re on their own.

diamondbraces orthodontist and assistant work in office

Continuing Education

Diamond Braces believes in a lifetime of education and self-betterment, which is why we offer many avenues for our doctors to improve.

Each orthodontist is allotted $2,000 per year to put towards CE credits, allowing them to pursue education in emerging dental trends, areas of weakness, or something they’ve always wanted to learn more about.

We are fortunate to have multiple strategic partnerships that allow us to bring in experts in the orthodontics industry to speak to our team members and provide valuable insight into their fields of expertise.

This includes a relationship with Align Technologies, creators of the Invisalign clear aligner system. We invite presenters from Align Technologies to speak with our team members and provide valuable insight about Invisalign treatment. Diamond Braces is a Diamond Plus Invisalign provider, meaning we’re among the top 1% of providers in the country.

Diamond Braces also has a working relationship with a local hospital-based surgical program, allowing us to easily collaborate on surgical cases and have access to some of the best oral surgeons in the field.

diamondbraces dental assistant shows patient itero d scan

Advanced Technology

To further assist with our doctors’ daily lives, we keep our offices filled with the latest dental and orthodontic technology. Our systems are fully digital, helping us reduce cost and increase convenience for patients and doctors alike. Our systems include, but are not limited to, digital patient records that are accessible by home and work devices, and a full-scale virtual platform, complete with communication functionality, video call support, and access to patient records and notes.

We also offer iTero digital scanners, thanks again to our existing partnership with Align Technologies. The scanners replace traditional putty molds and allow us to capture a patient’s entire dentition quickly and comfortably. Once scanned, iTero scanners can show how treatment will progress using TimeLapse technology, letting a patient see what the smile of their dreams can look like if they stick with their orthodontic treatment. Whether they’re embarking on an Invisalign journey or having braces installed, the iTero 3D scanner makes an orthodontist’s job much easier.

Diamond Braces is also supported by a full-scale internal dental lab, allowing us to print orthodontic appliances such as expanders, retainers, habit-breaking appliances on-site, which in turn can decrease overall chair time and increase patient compliance.

diamondbraces orthodontic team

Contracts Designed with You in Mind

Diamond Braces is also proud to offer flexible contracts that do not include non-compete clauses. We believe the relationship between an orthodontist and the practice should be a partnership, and we practice what we preach. If you ever want to start your own professional journey in a standalone office, we won’t keep you from that dream and will in fact assist you with starting your own practice. We also won’t restrict you to a specific area when beginning your own practice – go wherever you wish!

Our contracts also offer multiple benefits, including a competitive salary with performance bonuses, malpractice insurance, medical, dental, vision, and life insurance coverage, a PTO plan, and offer pathways to partnerships with both equity and non-equity options.

Join The Team!

If you have further questions, you can always contact us at info@diamondbraces.com. If you are interested in joining the Diamond Braces team, visit our careers page at diamondbraces.com/careers/ and apply today. We look forward to meeting you!