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WHERE  Can I Buy Invisalign Aligners in NYC


Can I Buy Invisalign Aligners in NYC?

You can start Invisalign treatment at Diamond Braces in NYC! Diamond Braces is a Diamond Plus Invisalign provider, meaning we’re in the top 1% of all Invisalign providers in the country! That doesn’t just mean we’re experts – though we are – it means we can save you money on your Invisalign treatment! More savings and expert doctors – what’s not to love? 

The Invisalign system has helped straighten over 10 million smiles since 1997, thanks to its revolutionary clear aligner orthodontic appliance. Invisalign aligners aren’t made from regular old plastic like mail-order aligner brands – they’re made from a composite material called SmartTrack, the result of a decade’s worth of research to create the most effective, comfortable clear aligner possible. Invisalign aligners are comfortable, flexible, predictable, and give doctors more control over your teeth – meaning less time in treatment and more time enjoying a straight, healthy smile. 

A Diamond Braces Invisalign treatment plan is backed by one of our top orthodontists who will guide you through treatment from start to finish. This way, you can come to see us and our top orthodontists will make adjustments where necessary to give you a healthy smile at the end of your treatment plan. We won’t ask you to monitor your own progress like mail-order aligner brands. After all, the chances are you’re not a doctor – why should you be expected to work like one?

DOES DENTAL/ORTHODONTIC  Insurance Cover Invisalign Treatment in NYC

Does Dental/Orthodontic

Insurance Cover Invisalign Treatment in NYC?

It is a popular method to straighten your teeth with its nearly invisible design and comfort. Many people prefer it, especially if they are conscious about their appearance. However, when it comes to the question, "Does dental insurance cover Invisalign in NYC?", the answer is often no.

Most insurance companies seeit as a cosmetic option, not a corrective one. This means that while traditional metal braces and other types of braces might be covered, Invisalign usually isn't.

Orthodontic treatment can include various options like lingual braces and traditional braces, which are often covered by insurance. For those considering Invisalign in New York, it's important to look at alternative payment methods. Many providers accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). They might also offer flexible payment plans to help manage the cost of the treatment, making it more accessible even without insurance coverage.

CAN I PAY FOR  Invisalign Treatment Monthly in New York City

Can I Pay for

Invisalign Treatment Monthly in New York City? 

Yes – At Diamond Braces in New York City, we make it affordable. You can start treatment with $0 down and pay only $104 per month, thanks to our 0% financing plan. Our aim is to make orthodontic care available to everyone. That's why we have various payment options to fit different needs. 

Besides low monthly payments, we accept many insurances and support the use of FSA, HAS, and other savings accounts for covering the cost of treatment. Whether you choose Invisalign, ceramic braces, or other treatment options, we are here to help. Our services are designed to move your teeth effectively, offering you sets of aligners that fit your budget. The cost of Invisalign shouldn't be a barrier, and with our monthly payment for Invisalign in New York City, it won't be.

For parents of  Invisalign Teen  patients, they can also rest assured knowing their child’s treatment plan is subject to the same savings as adult plans. Manhattan parents can rest easy knowing that their teens can receive Invisalign Teen treatment without breaking the bank. 

CAN I GET  Invisalign Treatment for Free in NYC

Can I Get

Invisalign Treatment for Free in NYC? 

While  metal braces  are eligible for free programs like Medicaid or CHIP, Invisalign treatment is unfortunately not eligible for government programs.Invisalign is often viewed as a cosmetic choice because it is almost invisible and can be removed. However, it effectively treats crooked teeth, just like traditional braces. This treatment allows for normal eating and drinking without discomfort.

Many people choose Invisalign for its convenience and because it can reduce jaw pain associated with misaligned teeth. Understanding how Invisalign works is important for those considering this option for straightening their teeth.

If you are interested in pursuing free braces, speak to your Medicaid representative for more details. 

FREE  Invisalign Consultations in NYC


Invisalign Consultations in NYC

Diamond Braces offers Manhattan patients interested in Invisalign treatment free virtual consultations! Our top Invisalign doctors will review your case for no cost and determine if you’re an Invisalign candidate. 

If you’re not an Invisalign candidate from the start – don’t worry! Many of our doctors will prescribe  braces  at first but will then move you into Invisalign clear aligners for the remainder of your treatment. This way, you’ll be able to receive the orthodontic care you need and the orthodontic appliance you really want!

This process is 100% free of charge.

VISIT THE  Invisalign Providers In New York City at Diamond Braces

Visit the

Invisalign Providers In New York City at Diamond Braces!

If you’re looking for the top Invisalign providers in NYC, look no further than Diamond Braces. We are Diamond Plus Invisalign providers – and there’s no rank higher than that (at least for now!) Don’t settle for less – visit Diamond Braces in Manhattan today!