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Quality braces are available right here in Clifton! With costs designed to make braces affordable and accessible to families like yours, these are braces you can smile about. Diamond Braces offers full-service braces treatment for kids, teens, and adults of all ages. 

Our New Jersey orthodontists are skilled with all forms of braces treatment, as well as knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful every step of the way. 

Today is a great day to begin your journey towards smile joy! Schedule a consultation and get ready to achieve the smile of your dreams! With our office conveniently located on Bloomfield Ave, we’re proud to provide orthodontic solutions to everyone in the Clifton community. 

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For as Little as $0/Down and $104/Month, You Can Begin Your Braces Journey in Clifton!

You read that right – these are braces you really can afford. Diamond Braces believes cost should never get between you and your dreams for straight teeth. Our flexible monthly payment plans are designed to make your beautiful smile a reality. 

We offer 0% financing, with no money down. Braces treatments begin as low as $0/down and $104/month.* With prices up to 30% below the national average,* you can be sure you’re getting quality braces for a cost you really can afford. 

We accept insurance plans, and our administrative staff will bill your insurance directly, so you pay less upfront and don’t have to worry about the hassle of reimbursements. 

We also accept FSA, HSA, HRA, and LCFSA plans. 

When you decide on your orthodontic treatment, our friendly staff will sit down with you and help you design a monthly payment plan built for your budget and your schedule. They will help you manage your payments, keep you on track, and leave you free to focus on your treatment! 

Beautiful braces treatment made simple and cost-effective, right here in Clifton, New Jersey. 

How’s that for something to smile about?

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Braces Treatment by Local New Jersey Providers with the Expertise to Get You Grinning

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Diamond Braces is proud to offer some of the highest quality braces treatment available in the Tri-State area. Our orthodontists are 100% U.S. trained and licensed. They are skilled in the latest technical innovations in orthodontic care. Plus, they’re some of the friendliest orthodontists you’ll find – yep, even in New Jersey! 

We pride ourselves on our AAA commitment: Accessible orthodontic care, at Affordable prices, with Amazing service. At Diamond Braces, you can be sure you’re getting the treatment that meets all three goals in our AAA commitment. That means more money saved, less time spent, and a happier smile all around! 

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Braces Options Customized for You, On-Site in Clifton

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You know you’re interested in braces. But how do you know which treatment is right for you? It can be overwhelming to choose the correct treatment: that’s why the expertise of our Diamond Braces providers can be so helpful. 

After a thorough consultation, our orthodontists will discuss your unique dental diagnosis and an overview of possible treatments. Then you can make the right decision for your needs, preferences, and budget. Our helpful team will make sure you stay informed throughout the course of your treatment, and our customer service representatives are available 7 days a week by phone if you need assistance. 

There’s more to braces than meets the eye! Many people are familiar with metal braces, otherwise known as traditional braces. This treatment involves metal brackets affixed to the teeth and connected by a thin wire. Your orthodontist can then carefully adjust the tension in the wire, gently moving your teeth into their correct positions. This treatment is reliable and affordable and has developed over the decades to maximize effectiveness and minimize invasiveness. 

Another great braces option is ceramic braces: employing a similar style of treatment, ceramic braces use clear or tooth-colored brackets, which results in a subtler appearance. This treatment option provides all the benefits of traditional braces, with a discreet look that diminishes the visibility of the treatment. For this reason, it’s often a go-to option for older adolescents and adult patients. Because the brackets stain more easily than traditional metal brackets, however, it is important to be selective in one’s diet; for this reason, this option may be less ideal for younger patients. 

There are other options and treatment styles to consider, and your orthodontist can discuss these in-depth with you. Learn more Braces 101 from the Diamond Braces team! 

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The team at Diamond Braces Clifton is thrilled to offer you world-class braces treatment at prices you and your family really can afford. We’re committed to supporting you through the length of your treatment and beyond, providing you with a beautiful, straight smile that will last you for years to come. 

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