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Diamond Braces at 1053 Bloomfield Ave #14, Clifton, NJ 07012 Owned and Operated by Clifton Avenue Orthodontics, LLC

  • Dr. John Castronova, License # 22DI02562700
  • Dr. Richard Song, License # 22DI02892700
  • Dr. Refka Salib, License # 22DI02801600
  • Dr. Anadel Ramirez Baez, License # 22DI02692200
  • Dr. Jennifer Fong, License # 22DI02869600

Reasons You’ll Love Us

Choosing a beautiful smile is easy - but insurance can be complicated! Don’t worry, Diamond Braces has you covered. We accept most orthodontic coverage insurance and are happy to answer all your questions. We’ll be here to help every step of the way on your journey towards smile joy.

Beautiful, Affordable Orthodontic Care in Clifton, New Jersey

You don’t need to travel the world to find world-class orthodontic care: in fact, you don’t even need to leave Clifton! Diamond Braces is proud to offer unparalleled orthodontic service to the Clifton community, providing full-service braces treatments, including Invisalign, for children, teens, and adults of all ages. We believe everyone deserves a healthy and beautiful smile. From a single practice in Hackensack, we’ve expanded to 20 practices across New Jersey, as well as Connecticut and New York. For over 20 years, we’ve provided exceptional orthodontic care to patients young and old, and we’ve served up over 100,000 happy smiles – and counting! We’d love to help you achieve your dream smile next. Our New Jersey orthodontists are here for your family!  Schedule a consultation and meet the Diamond Braces team that can help you win your grin!

Quality Orthodontic Care Made Affordable: Braces You Can Pay for in New Jersey

Diamond Braces is 100% committed to helping everyone in New Jersey get the beautiful smile they deserve. Cost should never be the barrier between you and your gorgeous grin. Our orthodontic treatments cost up to 30% lower than the national average.* We offer flexible monthly payment plans and 0% financing, which makes your treatment accessible while you pay in small, manageable monthly portions. Braces treatments begin as low as $0/down and $86/month. * Invisalign for as low as $0/down and $104/month. * How’s that for something to smile about?  We accept insurance plans that cover orthodontics, and our administrative staff will handle all direct billing, cutting your upfront costs and leaving you free to focus on your treatment!  We also accept FSA, HSA, HRA, and LCFSA plans to help further defray costs. From consultation to the day your treatment is completed, Diamond Braces is committed to helping you pay for the care you deserve. Schedule your initial consultation and get started today. We’ll get you smiling in no time!

World-Class Orthodontists, Right in Your Clifton Neighborhood

Some of the country’s best orthodontists are working right down the street, at our Clifton practice on Bloomfield Ave! Diamond Braces hires some of the best and brightest in the field of orthodontics, and we prioritize both excellence in professional care and the warmest, friendliest service you can get in orthodontics! All of our providers are 100% U.S. trained and licensed and caught up with the latest in technical innovations and professional standards. They are skilled and experienced with all forms of orthodontic treatment, and after consultation can help recommend the best choice of care for you or your child. Want to meet the team? Click here for more info on our outstanding orthodontists! 

Braces for All Persuasions in Clifton, New Jersey

Interested in braces? Our Diamond Braces providers are skilled in a variety of braces treatments. Though most people are familiar with traditional, metal braces, there are actually quite a few different braces treatments that suit patients with diverse needs and preferences. Ceramic braces, for instance, provide a more discreet, subtle appearance, using clear or tooth-colored brackets that minimize the appearance of braces but provide the same effective treatment benefits. Lingual braces are also an option we offer for certain conditions. Our orthodontists can explain the benefits of each braces option and help you select the best treatment for you. Learn more here about how Diamond Braces Clifton can help you achieve a beautiful smile with braces!

Invisalign: Dream Smiles Without the Look of Braces

Curious about getting Invisalign to fix your crooked teeth? Come into Diamond Braces and let us help you win your grin with clear aligners! Invisalign is a revolutionary treatment that is changing the way people think of braces treatment. Using clear, removable aligners, Invisalign provides the long-term effectiveness of traditional braces, with a discreet and subtle appearance. We’re proud to have earned the elite Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider status, which places us in the top 1% of Invisalign providers. Click here to learn more about how Diamond Braces Clifton can help you achieve your dream smile with Invisalign.

A Lifetime Guarantee to Keep You Smiling for a Lifetime in Clifton

When you straighten your teeth with Diamond Braces, you and your smile have a partner for life. For patients who have completed treatment, we’re proud to offer our Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee, to help you feel confident that your smile is here to last.* At Diamond Braces Clifton, we’re serious about your smile. Our office on Bloomfield Ave is fully equipped with the latest technology to provide you world-class orthodontic care, and our friendly, experienced team of orthodontists has the expertise to straighten your teeth and keep you smiling for years to come. With affordable prices, amazing service, and a lifetime guarantee, you can keep smiling with Diamond Braces! Get started with a consultation today and begin your journey towards smile joy.