Second Annual Diamond Braces Team Summit


Diamond Braces

Gathers for its Second Annual Team Summit

With over 25 offices across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, it’s a big event when we can gather all 300+ Diamond Braces team members in one place! Last week we pulled it off, with our  second annual Team Summit , where the entire team assembled in Teaneck, New Jersey, to celebrate our achievements of the last year and look forward to our goals for this year.  

It was a busy day for the team, with presentations from representatives of Invisalign and Care Credit about providing effective, affordable care for our patients.  

iza and samantha

Diamond Braces Team's Showcase

Celebrating Success at the Team Summit

We also enjoyed presentations from several members of the Diamond Braces team, including Izabela Wysoczanski, Dorota Girton, Jonathan Dimas, Joanna Wisniewska, Kim Barnhart, and Samantha Sanchez.  Presentations focused on client experience and customer service, so that we can provide an ever-better experience for every patient we treat! 

There was also plenty of time for connecting with fellow team members, including breakfast and lunch, a photo shoot area, and  lots of opportunities for laughs!  

In his welcoming remarks, Dr. Drut thanked the team for coming, and noted that this year has been one of exceptional growth for the company.  We hope to take the momentum with us in 2020;  the Diamond Braces team looks forward to continued success, by creating a professional environment where our team can thrive, and providing Accessible, Affordable, and Amazing orthodontic care for patients in the Tri-State area and beyond!  “The Summit was a great success,” Dr. Drut noted afterward. “Special thanks to all our team members who worked so hard to make this happen.” 

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diamondbraces team in audience

2020 Team Summit Gratitude

Celebrating Growth and Community at Diamond Braces

Thanks to everyone who contributed to make the 2020 Team Summit a success, and to our amazing Diamond Braces team for taking the time to gather and celebrate our continued growth.  

And thanks to everyone in the Diamond Braces community: from patients and their families to our professional networks and our own staff, it takes all of us to make Diamond Braces a success.  We look forward to gathering again in 2021!