Promotions for Two Exemplary Diamond Braces Employees

diamondbraces promotes two exemplary employees

Diamond Braces

Declares promotions for two exemplary employees

In response to the evolving needs of the company, Diamond Braces is thrilled to announce the promotion of two of its distinguished employees – Kateryna Takmakova and Iryna Shpindler – to brand-new positions within the company. Kateryna will now take over as the company’s University Relations Director, while Iryna will assume the role of Director of Specialty Education.

In her new role, Kateryna will develop and implement strategic initiatives to recruit talented and diverse individuals for the company by partnering with dental education agencies, job boards, job fairs, and social media groups to find the very best and bring them to Diamond Braces. Kateryna will also communicate with office team leaders to ensure their workforce needs are adequately met.

As the Director of Specialty Education, Iryna will work directly with Head Assistants in creating educational content and promoting uniformity of procedures. Iryna will create and distribute educational content to HAs and work directly with them to ensure this content is distributed to all assistants under their management on a weekly basis.

The duo will work together to develop internal educational resources, aimed to reduce attrition rates and increase efficiencies. This content is aimed to educate managers, district managers, and head assistants. Simply put, Kateryna and Iryna are here to make sure our Diamond Braces offices, and the individuals who work there, are supported, fulfilled, and prepared to do what they do best – assist patients.

Both Kateryna and Iryna report directly to Chief Dental Officer Dr. Oleg Drut and start work in their new roles immediately.

Congratulations, Kateryna and Iryna! Thank you both for your dedication, hard work, and intuition. We know you’ll thrive in these new, unique roles.