Presenting Smilify: 12-Month Invisalign Treatment for Only $2800!

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Straight teeth in 12 months? Yes, please!

Diamond Braces is proud to introduce Smilify, an expedited Invisalign treatment program that provides safe, effective results in only 6 months – for $2800! With our elite, licensed orthodontists, and the same AAA experience from Diamond Braces, you’ll be smiling in no time, for a price you can afford.

How does it work?

smilify invisalign aligners

Smilify is a complete Invisalign treatment – with results that’ll have you smiling in no time! This expedited program includes full diagnostic records, including X-Rays, to develop a comprehensive picture of your case. Your licensed orthodontists will develop a unique treatment plan designed for your dental care, and consistent visits in-office will ensure close monitoring of your progress. Smilify includes retainers and follow-up care, to ensure your smile lasts a lifetime!

And at $2800 for the full program, this is a beautiful smile you can really afford. You can use your dental insurance, and we offer flexible, low monthly payment plans with $0 down. Plus, we offer a Lifetime Smile Maintenance Guarantee, so you can be sure that your smile is here to last.

This isn’t teledentistry — no beauty-shop scans and treatment from a screen. Smilify provides you with a licensed, experienced orthodontist who is directly responsible for your care. While mail-order clear aligners may seem appealing, there can be serious consequences to never seeing a doctor in-office.

Our orthodontists have been straightening teeth with Invisalign for over 20 years, and routine visits will ensure your treatment is progressing smoothly. With Diamond Braces, your smile is forever: we get you smiling in 12 months, but we keep you smiling for good.

We’ve created a new website for our customers to explore Smilify and learn more about this exciting new offer from Diamond Braces! Click here to check it out.