Welcome, Dr. Mikhail Arkhipov!

Dr. Mikhail Arkhipov

Dr. Arkhipov is one of our newest doctors to join the Diamond Braces team! Originally born in Ukraine, Mikhail is now a Brooklyn native. He did all his schooling right here in New York and knew he didn’t want to go anywhere else.

Dr. Arkhipov originally went to school to study Dentistry. It wasn’t until he started working with patients that he realized that most of them aren’t very happy when they’re getting work done. The nature of Dentistry can be painful for those with serious issues. But that is not the case with Orthodontics. Once he saw how happy patients were getting their braces on and off, he knew he wanted to specialize in Orthodontics.

dr mikhail arkhipov and team

Outside of work, he is an avid hiker who tries to explore the best trails, lakes, and mountains New York has to offer. He is very skilled in the outdoors so be sure to ask him for some tips if you’re planning a hike!