Diamond Braces: Keeping Your Smile Radiant from Afar!

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Keeping Your Smile Radiant – Even from a Distance!

As the saying now goes: separated, but not isolated! Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Diamond Braces has been working hard to support our patients remotely.

With our patients at home and our offices temporarily closed, Diamond Braces had to be creative in finding ways to continue treatment from afar. Like others across the country, we’re working hard to support our community in every way we can.

This week, we were proud to mail out over 200 shipments of Invisalign aligners to patients across the Tri-State area. Take a look at our “Invisalign Wall of Fame”! We’ve been able to mail nearly 1,000 shipments of aligners so far to patients, to keep their Invisalign treatment on track throughout the shutdowns.

We miss seeing our patients and their families in the office, but we’re glad to be able to support them from afar! Creating beautiful smiles is our job, and we’re happy to be able to contribute our part for the health of our patients, their families, and communities.

We’ve also expanded our service offerings to include  remote video consultations – schedule anytime to speak with a Diamond Braces dental professional, at no cost !  This service allows us to monitor patient progress and address any questions or concerns.

We’ll keep video consultations in the future, so our patients have a safe place to call anytime they need orthodontic support from home. Diamond Braces is committed to helping our communities with AAA orthodontic care through COVID-19 and beyond.

This has been a challenging time for the country, and our hearts go out to all families affected by the COVID-19 crisis. We’re working hard to support you in all the ways we can, to keep Tri-State area families smiling throughout these closures, and beyond.