Your Health and Safety Are in Good Hands with Diamond Braces

At Diamond Braces, we take smiles seriously. And that means we’re committed to providing you and your family the highest-quality orthodontic care, with industry-leading equipment, world-class experts, and state-of-the-art treatment methods.

It also means that hygiene, safety, and sterility are our top priorities. AAA orthodontic care means safe orthodontic care, for patients of all ages.

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve updated our already-stringent hygiene and sterilization practices to ensure that we maintain rigorous infection control throughout all our offices. We are committed to offering expert orthodontic care without putting you or your family at risk of infection.

We maintain medical-grade sterility in all of our offices. We also comply with all regulatory agencies on health and safety practices, as well as maintain strict HIPAA compliance for patient confidentiality. Whatever brings you to Diamond Braces, you can be sure we’re going above and beyond to keep our patients, staff, and their families safe.

Read on to learn what we’re doing to keep you healthy and smiling every single day.

Patient Health and Safety Hand Washing

Our Orthodontists Follow Strict Health and

Safety Regulations from OSHA, FDA, and the CDC

We’re devoted entirely to straightening teeth, but Diamond Braces operates like a regular medical facility. That means strict compliance with all regulatory standards for medical practice like ours.

Our staff uses PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) during visits, including surgical masks and gloves, as well as face shields and goggles if necessary. Staff and doctors wear scrubs to maintain hygiene in the office. They change out PPE regularly between visits to maintain sterility between patients.

All instruments are thoroughly sterilized after use, with our on-site equipment, including an autoclave and temperature-regulated sterilizer. All of our tools are medical-grade, approved for use in dental offices by the FDA, the CDC, and the American Dental Association, and the American Association of Orthodontists. We rotate our instruments regularly to maximize effectiveness and safety.

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Our facilities are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized throughout the day and overnight. Surfaces are wiped down between patients, including dental chairs, computer screens, and equipment tables, and all trays and instruments are removed, sanitized, and safely stored before being re-used.

Patient Safety Temperature Checks

Thorough Infection Control to

Prevent Community Spread of Illness

During times of widespread community-borne illnesses, such as seasonal flu or the recent COVID-19 outbreak, it is more important than ever to maintain strict policies of infection control.

Diamond Braces has strict infection control practices in place at all times, which are heightened as needed in times of community-spread illness. Our staff and orthodontists are thoroughly trained in safety measures, including proper sanitization of instruments and rotation of PPE.

Infection Control Measures Include: 

  • High-speed evacuation suction in place of aerosol utilization 
  • External portable vacuum systems  
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers in waiting rooms and treatment areas 
  • Waiting areas thoroughly sanitized throughout the day, including chairs and floors
  • Patient areas thoroughly sanitized throughout the day 
  • Strict instrument sterilization practices following OSHA, CDC, and FDA guidelines 
  • Online consultation option for minor appointments between in-office visits 
  • All patients screened for flu-like symptoms before appointments; patients with symptoms asked to reschedule 
  • Temperature checks & symptom screening at the door for all patients 
  • All patients and accompanying family members asked to wear masks; Diamond Braces provides masks for those without
  • Limit to one escort per patient whenever possible
  • Patient escorts asked to wait outside the building whenever possible; clinic area for patients and staff only
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Regular Sanitation Checks and Safety Compliance

Reporting with Federal & Dental and Orthodontic Agencies

We maintain strict compliance with regulatory agencies to ensure our facilities are operating under the highest standards of cleanliness and sterility.

All of our sterilization equipment is tested weekly with spore test kits, to ensure strict sterilization of instruments and tools. Spore testing is the recommended procedure for maintaining medical-grade levels of hygiene, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Every office receives an annual inspection from OSHA regulators, who inspect our hygiene practices, sanitation levels, and equipment to ensure everything complies with federal hygiene standards. If you have questions about our regulatory inspections and results, you can ask our staff for more information.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the federal Food and Drug Administration both offer comprehensive standards for health and safety in medical offices: you can read more about them from their websites using the links above. We comply with all of these standards.

Learn more about our safe reporting procedures and where to address concerns

diamondbraces Patient Safety

Strict HIPAA-Compliance to

Protect Patient Privacy

Your privacy matters as much as your health! Diamond Braces is rigorous about patient privacy, and we are strictly compliant with HIPAA policies regarding the protection of patient information.

If we communicate with your other providers, such as dentists, medical doctors, or oral surgeons, we will always get your approval first. Digital records are shared between offices only on secure medical-grade digital platforms, while paper records are stored in secured areas accessible only to Diamond Braces staff.

Find more information on how Diamond Braces protects your rights under HIPAA.

Get more information about how we protect your privacy at Diamond Braces.

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Diamond Braces Supports

Healthy Smiles and Safe Communities!

At Diamond Braces, health and safety are our top priorities. We are 100% committed to keeping our patients, their families, and our staff safe at all times, through strict hygiene standards, stringent sterilization practices, and safe reporting to regulatory agencies.

Our rigorous safety practices ensure that we can provide you and your family with world-class orthodontic care, to create beautiful smiles for lifelong happiness!

If you have any questions or concerns about our health and safety standards or procedures, call us any time, at 888-209-1226, or by e-mail:

Stay safe, and stay smiling!