Vivera Retainers: Cost, Durability, and Care - Video Guide

¡Felicidades, has comenzado tu tratamiento Invisalign! Este video te ayudará a cuidar tus alineadores Invisalign, mantenerlos limpios y funcionando correctamente, y mantener tu tratamiento en el camino hacia una sonrisa hermosa y saludable.

Tu tratamiento depende completamente de lo bien que sigas las pautas para el uso de Invisalign:  si no usas tus alineadores o no los mantienes limpios, ni siquiera el mejor ortodoncista podrá enderezar tus dientes.

¡Dale a tu sonrisa la mejor oportunidad para obtener excelentes resultados siguiendo tu plan de tratamiento Invisalign según las instrucciones de tu proveedor!

How Much Do Vivera Retainers Cost

How Much Do

Vivera Retainers Cost?

Vivera retainers offer an affordable vivera retainer cost, ranging from $800 to $1,500. This price includes four sets of top-and-bottom retainers, totaling eight retainers. When compared to other brands that provide only one set, the cost per retainer with Vivera is more budget-friendly.

For those who have had braces, it's crucial to wear your retainers consistently. Wearing a retainer is essential to maintain the alignment achieved through orthodontic treatment. Vivera retainers, a type of retainers, are designed for long-term use. To ensure your teeth stay in place, you should wear your retainers every night.

The process of getting new Vivera retainers is straightforward. Your orthodontist will have your digital records on file, allowing them to easily reorder from Invisalign when you need a replacement. This method eliminates the need for new molds or complex procedures. Additionally, the new retainers can be mailed directly to your home, avoiding an extra trip to the orthodontist's office.

Caring for your Vivera retainers is as simple as brushing your teeth. Regular cleaning of your retainers should be a part of your daily oral hygiene routine. This helps maintain them in good condition, prolonging their effectiveness and lifespan.

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Essix retainer

Vivera vs.

Essix Retainers

Invisalign produces its own patented retainers, called Vivera retainers. Essix retainers are another form of clear retainer, made by a separate company. While both Vivera and Essix retainers are designed for the same purpose – to protect the gains of your orthodontic treatment –  Essix retainers  don’t offer the same patented technology as Vivera retainers.

Vivera retainers, made with Align Technology's patented SmartTrack material, offer sturdy and effective smile retention. They are up to 30% more durable than Essix retainers. This makes them a high-quality choice in the Vivera vs. Essix retainers comparison. Unlike the thinner plastic of Essix retainers, Vivera's strength means they last longer and resist breakage or bending.

Each Vivera set includes four retainers. This bulk purchase saves you money.

Proper care of these retainers is crucial for their longevity. They complement any treatment plan, including those involving lingual braces or Hawley retainers. Remember, choosing the right retainer is essential for maintaining your smile.

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Invisalign Vivera Retainer

How Long Does

A Vivera Retainer Last?

Vivera retainers are 30% more durable than other clear retainers. Proper care can extend their life for several years. Regular cleaning and correct storage are essential. This ensures the retainer works well in its role to move your teeth as needed.

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When Do I Need to Replace My Retainers

When Do I Need to

Replace My Retainers?

Vivera retainers come in sets of four, each with a top and bottom piece. They are more durable than other clear retainers, lasting many years if properly cared for.

When it's time to replace Vivera retainers, your orthodontist can easily order a new set from Invisalign. This is based on your dental records or, if you visit a new dentist or orthodontist, a fresh  iTero 3D scan  scan or putty impressions. These retainers help maintain tooth movement after treatment.

What Should I Do If I Lose My Retainer

What Should I Do

If I Lose My Retainer?

Losing your Vivera retainer is not a major issue. You have the option to use a new pair of top and bottom retainers or just replace the lost one.

Vivera retainers differ from types of braces and aligner treatments. They maintain your beautiful smile by keeping your teeth in place, rather than moving them. If you wear them full time and run out of retainers, contact your orthodontist.

They can order a new set using your digital treatment records from Invisalign. These can be mailed directly to your home.

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