Can I Join the Military If I Have Braces? - Video Guide

Are you interested in straightening your teeth before enlisting in the military? Here’s what you need to know! In this video, Diamond Braces Treatment Coordinator Elayna Shaynsbgerner explains what you need to know about orthodontic care and military service.

Can I Get Braces While in the Military?

You cannot be deployed if you are still in braces treatment, so you cannot be formally sworn into the military until your braces are removed.

To enlist with braces on you’ll have to join the Delayed Entry Program, which allows you to begin your enlistment while you finish your treatment. Once your treatment is complete, you can be sworn in to the military and begin active service.


Can I Remove My Braces Before Enlisting in the Military?

If you’re in braces treatment but want to enlist and begin active service immediately, you will have to stop your braces treatment and get your braces removed entirely.

To do this, your provider will generally ask for a signed note from your recruitment supervisor or commanding officer explaining the reason for halting treatment.

When you’ve returned home from deployment, we recommend you visit your orthodontist as soon as you can to resume braces treatment! Hopefully, your teeth will not have shifted too far, and your treatment will pick up again without too much trouble!