Can My General Dentist Remove My Braces? - Video Guide

Your general dentist is a licensed professional: can they remove your braces?

Legally, yes: your general dentist is capable and authorized to remove your braces. In this video, Diamond Braces orthodontist Dr. Arianna Papasikos explains why it’s preferable to see a licensed orthodontist for braces removal.

A General Dentist is Not the Same as an Orthodontist

Did you know? All orthodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are orthodontists!

That’s because both professionals finish dental school, but orthodontists do supplemental training in safely adjusting and aligning teeth to become licensed orthodontists. This makes them uniquely qualified to straighten teeth using a variety of treatment methods.

Dentists are legally authorized to do braces treatments, and some dentist offices do offer this service. However, they lack the specific training and experience of orthodontists, who don’t see patients for general dentistry, only for straightening teeth and creating healthy smiles. That’s why it’s recommended that you seek out a licensed orthodontist, whose job is specifically for orthodontia! 

Whether  braces  or  invisible clear aligners , orthodontists have the expertise to get you smiling for a lifetime.

The same goes for braces removal. A general dentist can remove your braces: they will need a certain set of tools and understand the procedure for braces removal. If you are in a pinch, it is acceptable to go to your general dentist for braces removal.


A Licensed Orthodontist Gives Has the Experience and Skill for Optimal Results with Braces!

However, the best measure for your healthy, happy smile is to see the same orthodontist for the whole treatment process with your braces. That way, they will be very familiar with your diagnosis, treatment history, and appliance. When it comes time to remove the braces, it will be easy since they’ve tracked your entire treatment regimen.

Plus, with so much experience, you will find the removal process to be streamlined, simple, and easy! This is one of the many reasons your smile is in great hands with a licensed orthodontist.

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