Do Ceramic Braces Stain? - Video Guide

Many patients opt for ceramic braces because of their discreet appearance that blends in with the teeth. Clear braces provide all the speed and effectiveness of metal braces, but with minimal disruption to your smile.

Because they are clear or tooth-colored,  they are more prone to staining, so it’s important to understand why discoloration happens and how to avoid it . In this video, Diamond Braces Treatment Coordinator Elina Shnayderman explains more.

Can Ceramic Braces Stain?

The important thing to understand is that the ceramic brackets themselves do not stain. In fact, it is the clear bands around the brackets, which help to hold the wire in place, that can stain or become discolored.

With metal braces, these rubber bands are usually opaque and brightly colored, so they are more resistant to staining. Clear braces, on the other hand, use translucent clear rubber bands to diminish the appearance of the braces. But this makes them more susceptible to staining.

Why Do Clear Braces Stain?

The most common staining culprit is dark-colored food or beverages. Curry, red wine, and dark tea or coffee can all stain your clear braces. In some cases, even colored mouthwash can stick to your braces and discolor the clear bands.

For that reason, it’s best to avoid dark-colored food and beverages like those listed above during your treatment.

However, if you do eat them, try diluting them with water so the color isn’t as dark – or add cream or milk to your tea and coffee to lighten the color.

You can also try drinking through a straw to prevent discoloration! It may sound strange, but even drinking red wine through a straw is a way to enjoy it without staining your clear braces!

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Maintain Proper Oral Health to Keep Ceramic Braces Clean

No matter what you eat or drink, keeping your teeth and mouth healthy is the most important part of effective braces treatment!

Brushing and flossing regularly  will help diminish the chances of staining or discoloration – both on your clear bands around the ceramic braces, and on your teeth themselves.

Brush with a fluoride-fortified toothpaste, twice a day for two minutes each time. And floss nightly, using a floss threader to more easily reach between your brackets! Using mouthwash is a great idea for dental health, but if you have ceramic braces, choose one that’s a clear or light color. You can also dilute the mouthwash with water so it’s less colored and less likely to stain your bands.

Learn more about ceramic braces hygiene and home care!

With a healthy diet free of dark-colored foods and beverages, and regular cleaning, your teeth, and your ceramic braces  stay healthy and happy, and  you’ll finish your braces treatment with straight teeth and a beautiful smile to last a lifetime!