Is It OK to Get a Tongue Piercing with Braces? - Video Guide

Interested in a tongue piercing but you’re currently in braces treatment – is it safe to get your tongue pierced at the same time?
In this video, Dr. Drut answers your questions about getting a mouth piercing at the same time as your braces.

Is it Safe to Pierce Your Tongue with Braces?

The simple answer to this question is yes: there is no greater harm from tongue piercings with braces than without braces. Your braces are not at risk of damage by the tongue piercing.

However, there are general concerns from a tongue piercing that you should know about. These concerns are true whether you have braces or not.  In fact, the American Dental Association cautions against mouth piercings in general .

Tongue Piercings Can Damage Your Teeth

Introducing a tongue piercing or other oral piercing in your mouth can have consequences for your mouth’s health over time.  The American Dental Association has published several studies cautioning against tongue, lip, and gum piercings.

Why can these be hazardous for your oral health?  Over time, the friction of the piercing against your teeth, gums, and lips can cause damage.  It is hard to resist playing or fiddling with the stud or bar, which causes it to rub against the teeth. This can chip teeth, fillings, or crowns.

It can also cause teeth to move: much like braces in reverse, continuous contact with the metal piercing will eventually start to push teeth, causing gaps to appear or teeth to push out of alignment.  Piercing contact with the gums can also cause your gums to recede, resulting in increased sensitivity as well as potential decay and other problems.

The piercing itself may cause damage by cutting through blood vessels in your tongue or gums, depending on the pierced area. This can cause a great deal of bleeding. If you do decide on a piercing, be sure to go to an accredited piercing parlor with proper medical standards and equipment.

Poor Piercing Hygiene Can Spread to the Rest of Your Mouth

Like caring for braces, piercings require dedicated oral hygiene practices – and braces are temporary, but a piercing requires care for as long as you have it.

Failing to keep the piercing area clean – especially when it’s first healing – can cause infection to grow in your mouth, causing bacteria to get into your bloodstream and potentially making you very sick.  After you get a piercing, be vigilant about keeping it clean .

Even after the piercing heals, you must be extra careful to keep your teeth, mouth, tongue, and piercing clean.  Brush and floss regularly  to prevent bacteria from taking root anywhere in your mouth, including your piercing area.

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For the Healthiest Teeth and a Long-Lasting Smile, The ADA Recommends Avoiding Oral Piercings

You want your healthy, happy smile to last forever – care for it properly with regular daily brushing and flossing, and skip the oral piercings to prevent teeth and gum damage!