Introducing "Doctor Concierge" at Diamond Braces

diamondbraces new doctor concierge role

Diamond Braces

Introduces the Role of “Doctor Concierge”

Orthodontists are used to taking care of patients, tirelessly working each day to help provide healthy, happy smiles to the mouths that need them. But who takes care of the doctors when they need assistance? Diamond Braces has found the answer to that question and more with the introduction of the “Doctor Concierge.”

The Doctor Concierge is a unique position within the company that will help doctors address their non-clinical operations. This role will be responsible for providing accurate, reliable information when presented with questions, managing doctors’ location schedules, planning PTO, tracking license renewals and credentialing, and more.

The position will be managed in a full-time capacity by a familiar face — Diamond Braces’ own Izabela Wysoczanski. Izabela has managed Diamond Braces offices for many years and can provide a high level of experience and insight to this new, distinctive position.

“As Diamond Braces continues to grow, it is important to me that we improve how we support all of our orthodontists day in and day out,” said Dr. Oleg Drut, Chief Clinical Officer at Diamond Braces . “Izabela is an indispensable part of our company and knows what kinds of assistance our clinicians require. She is no doubt an ideal person to serve as the very first Doctor Concierge at Diamond Braces.”

The Doctor Concierge is just one of many new initiatives that will be rolled out in the coming weeks to provide additional support and opportunity to Diamond Braces clinicians.

We look forward to seeing how Izabela brings her expertise to this exciting new position. Stay tuned for more details!