Meet Dr. Oleg Drut, the Chief Dental Officer at Diamond Braces


Diamond Braces is now a thriving orthodontics company with offices throughout the Tri-State area. But it was once only a dream — and the man behind that dream was Dr. Drut. 

Dr. Drut grew Diamond Braces from a single office in Hackensack, New Jersey into an innovative orthodontic practice. Diamond Braces is devoted to quality, affordable care for families across the Tri-State region. They've helped over 120,000 people achieve healthy, beautiful smiles.

Dr. Oleg Drut completed his orthodontic training at NYU College of Dentistry. After opening his own practice, Dr. Drut became a go-to provider for braces, as well as Invisalign clear aligners. Years of exceptional Invisalign care helped Dr. Drut achieve the highest-standard award in Invisalign treatment: Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider. This award is only given to the top 1% of orthodontists nationwide.

The doctor has long been guided by the AAA commitment at Diamond Braces. AAA means Accessible orthodontic care, at Affordable prices, with Amazing service.  Dr. Drut has made Diamond Braces an outstanding destination for patients and staff alike. This is thanks to his bold leadership and a focus on family orthodontics.

Seeing how effective modern retailing became at distributing products and services, Dr. Drut has a plan. He combined his passion for orthodontics with the idea that people in any location should have access to care. He knew that people shouldn’t fear the orthodontist and so he mainstreamed orthodontics care with a retail concept. The end result allowed him to deliver expert treatments with personalized experiences. 

He believed that seeing an orthodontist could be as easy as going to a coffee shop. His wide network of doctors demonstrates his dedication. He strives to make experiences easier, more affordable, and more enjoyable for people of all financial and insurance backgrounds.

This focus on customer service has helped make Diamond Braces a leading provider of healthy smiles across the Tri-State area. Dr. Drut personally staffs each of Diamond Braces' 50+ regional offices. He makes sure that every Diamond Braces location offers exceptional service to each patient that walks through the doors. 

Dr. Drut works tirelessly every day to grow Diamond Braces and ensure that everyone has access to a healthy, beautiful smile. As both a practicing doctor and the chief dental officer, Dr. Drut stays pretty busy! 

On any given day, he is running the practice, treating patients, supervising other doctors, mentoring new hires, giving press interviews, recording videos, researching the latest in orthodontics, attending conferences, planning new expansions, writing articles, and more...good thing he wears a watch!

Employing the most effective technologies and the most accomplished providers, Diamond Braces provides expert care. All of it is delivered with signature service that puts patients at ease and makes treatment truly enjoyable. Diamond Braces offers Invisalign treatments for both adolescents and adults, as well as braces for people of all ages, and more.  Diamond Braces treats every patient with the unique attention and care they deserve!

He also makes time for the other things he loves! He’s a devoted father to five children and loves to spend time with them. He also plays sports and trains dogs.

Dr. Drut is proud to work alongside the amazing team at Diamond Braces. We're thrilled to have him as our chief dental officer! Come visit Dr. Drut or one of the other many amazing doctors here at Diamond Braces by booking a consultation today.

Dr. Oleg Drut, DDS on LinkedIn