Diamond Braces' Virtual and Tech Annual Summit

diamondbraces  annual summit

Diamond Braces Went

Virtual (And Technological) At This Year’s Annual Summit!

The 3rd Annual Diamond Braces Summit went live this year – in a different sense than usual. Rather than rent out the usual illustrious Marriot conference room, the team ended up making do and making the best of pandemic times with three different Zoom breakout rooms.

These conferences were coordinated in collaboration with Align Technology, and were 2 hours in lieu of the usual 8 hours (with longer lunch breaks!), each directed at different groups of Diamond Braces field staff:

  • Doctors
  • Office managers and treatment coordinators
  • Clinical staff and dental assistants

While the event obviously didn’t occur under the most ideal circumstances, COVID didn’t stop our conference speakers from delivering fantastic insights! Brilliant, talented speakers like Julia Gaffney, RDH, Align VIP Coach Debbie Khedoo, Regional Account Manager Julia Silfan, and the man who started it all here at Diamond Braces,  Dr. Oleg Drut !

Lecture topics included explanations of occlusogram models, addressing PCS (problems, consequences, & solutions), and creating a memorable patient experience.

Also, appropriate for an online conference with  Align Technology , the summit covered some of the most exciting technological innovations in orthodontics, like  Invisalign iTero scanners  and Outcome Simulator Apps that can produce accurate dental impressions in a matter of minutes!

Office manager Izabela Wysoczanski emphasized that more “training would be needed for all treatment coordinators and all assistants” if the Outcome Simulator was implemented, but even so, she feels it would make a great addition to consultations.

Wysoczanski, who helped organize the event, said this Annual Summit “was easier to coordinate [than the last two] because it was shorter and virtual.” Still, she misses the real-life live experience, and can’t wait to see her colleagues again at the 4th Annual Diamond Braces Summit –  in person!

We thank all of our loyal dedicated team members who attended, and all of our conference lecturers who facilitated an exciting, educational, and cutting-edge experience!