Can I Eat an Apple With Braces? - Video Guide

Is it a bad idea to eat an apple during your braces treatment? You can still eat apples, but you have to prepare them carefully so they don’t damage your braces!

In this video, Diamond Braces Treatment Coordinator Elena Oprea explains how to properly eat an apple with braces on!

Can You Eat Apples with Braces?

Yes, like many foods, apples are perfectly compatible with braces – as long as you eat them the right way! Some foods you can eat totally normally with braces – sandwiches, pizza, even ice cream! – but some require an extra step before biting into them.

A whole apple is bad news for your braces: the pressure of the hard fruit against your brackets and wires can snap them or loosen them, which you want to avoid at all costs.

Instead, slice your apple into bite-sized pieces (younger patients should get some help from an adult). Then, bite into the apple with your back teeth so you’re not putting pressure on your braces. Voilà! A healthy, delicious snack that won’t strain your braces.

There are other foods you should prepare before eating with braces. Some food prep tips for braces-wearers:

  • Slice corn off the cob before eating
  • Choose baby carrots over big carrots or slice smaller
  • Cut vegetables into smaller pieces, such as peppers and cucumbers

These are all healthy and delicious foods that are good for your teeth – preparing them properly will make sure they’re good for your braces, too!

Some Foods are Best to Avoid with Braces

While apples can be sliced into bite-sized pieces for braces-wearers, some foods are best to avoid entirely while you have your braces on.

These include:

  • Popcorn
  • Hard or sticky candy
  • Hard nuts
  • Sugary soft drinks

Learn more about foods to eat and foods to avoid with braces.

These foods can damage your braces when you bite into them or can stain or discolor your teeth while you have the braces on your teeth. It’s worth it to skip them during treatment, to keep your braces care on track and on time, and protect your beautiful, healthy smile for a lifetime!

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Be Sure to Brush and Floss Daily for the Best Braces Health!

In addition to avoiding certain foods and preparing others – like apples – for safe eating with braces, the most important thing is to take great care of your teeth and oral health during treatment, and beyond!

Brush your teeth twice a day, and floss every night before bed. Use fluoride-fortified toothpaste. We also recommend a Waterpik and an alcohol-free mouthwash for even more effective care.

With proper oral health and a healthy, braces-friendly diet, you’ll be smiling throughout your orthodontic care, and forever!