Can I Eat Popcorn with Braces?

Article written by Diamond Braces Clinical Staff
Article medically reviewed by Dr. Oleg Drut

The short answer is yes and no. Generally, you should avoid eating popcorn with braces. Popcorn kernels are hard and can get stuck in your braces. This can damage the brackets and wires of your braces and lead to an orthodontic emergency.

However, we understand that giving up popcorn altogether can be challenging, especially if it's one of your favorite snacks. So, here are some tips and tricks for enjoying popcorn safely:

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Tips and Tricks for

Enjoying Popcorn with Braces

Choose Soft Popcorn

When it comes to braces, opt for soft popcorn varieties for braces like mushroom popcorn or hulless popcorn. Not all popcorn is equal, so choosing these options can help ensure your safety while enjoying popcorn with braces.

Mushroom popcorn has a rounder shape, making it less likely to get stuck in your teeth and braces. Hulless popcorn removes the hulls that can be difficult to pry from your braces.

Avoid Kernels

To avoid kernels getting stuck in your braces, carefully remove them from the popcorn before eating. Shake the popcorn bag or bowl to eliminate loose kernels. This helps in avoiding kernels with braces. Kernels can be difficult to remove, so take precautionary steps to enjoy your snack without any discomfort.

Chew Carefully

When eating popcorn with braces, chew gently to avoid damaging your braces, which can extend your orthodontic treatment. Avoid biting hard kernels or unpopped popcorn. Be cautious to protect your braces.

Rinse Your Mouth

Invisalign wearers should also be mindful of their diet, especially foods to avoid like popcorn. Additionally, dairy products are recommended for maintaining oral health. Opt for foods in small pieces for a safer eating experience.


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Can eating popcorn with braces cause an orthodontic emergency?

Yes. An orthodontic emergency may occur if a kernel gets stuck in between your braces. It may also happen if you bite down too hard on a kernel.

What are some soft popcorn varieties to eat with braces?

Soft popcorn varieties include mushroom popcorn, hulless popcorn, and snowflake popcorn.

Can I eat caramel popcorn with braces?

No, you should avoid eating caramel popcorn. Caramel can get stuck to your braces and cause damage to the appliance and/or tooth decay.

Can I eat popcorn with braces if I remove the kernels?

Yes, you can eat popcorn with braces if you carefully and completely remove all kernels before eating.

Can You Eat Movie Theater Popcorn with Braces?

No. Most movie theaters do not offer specialty popcorn that can be safely eaten while wearing braces. Choose another snack option but be sure to avoid sticky foods like gummies or crunchy foods like potato chips.

How Do You Get Popcorn Out of Your Teeth With Braces?

Performing your oral health routine by brushing, flossing, and rinsing should remove popcorn debris after eating it. You may have to take special care while flossing to make sure all kernels and hulls are removed from your braces.



    Eating popcorn with braces is not recommended as it can damage your orthodontic appliance and cause orthodontic emergencies. You should instead opt for snacks like soft fruits, cookies, gelatin, yogurt, pudding, and more.

    To enjoy popcorn with braces, follow these tips for oral care after eating popcorn with braces. Choose braces-friendly, soft popcorn varieties and avoid kernels. Chew carefully, and remember to rinse your mouth after eating.

    By following these simple steps, people with braces can enjoy their favorite snack without compromising their orthodontic treatment, especially when it comes to wires and brackets. Make wise food choices for your braces, ensuring proper care and maintenance.