Can I Make Fake Braces at Home? - Video Guide

No, you cannot make fake braces at home. learn more about in this video

You might be surprised, but this is a fairly common question in orthodontist offices. People often ask about making fake braces, either for a Halloween costume or a photoshoot, or they actually want to try to straighten their teeth without going to the orthodontist’s office.

In this video, Diamond Braces orthodontist and Clinical Director Dr. Laura Edwards explains why it’s not a good idea to try and make braces at home.

First, remember that orthodontics is a professional occupation: our doctors go to school for years to train to become licensed professional orthodontists. There is a great deal of skill required to move teeth safely and effectively using braces treatment. Using at-home materials and no doctor supervision is a very dangerous idea for your health.

In addition, many at-home materials people try to use for DIY braces are toxic to humans: superglue, paper clips, rubber bands, and string are materials people have tried to use. These are toxic or pose a life-threatening risk if swallowed or inhaled. You should never put things in your mouth that are not safe for human ingestion!

Make sure your children know the dangers of putting these things in their mouths and put them out of reach of younger children.

If you want braces, stick to the old-fashioned, correct method — get orthodontic care from a licensed orthodontist in a real orthodontist office.

When it comes to your healthy, safe smile, leave it to the experts!