Comprehensive Dental Image Analysis: Enhanced Smile X-Rays

At Diamond Braces, your smile begins with state-of-the-art digital x-ray imaging. This gives your orthodontic team the full picture of your teeth, including what’s below: root system, jaw structure, and bone alignment.

We use the latest digital x-ray technology in the United States to capture a comprehensive dental image. This technology provides instant imaging, leading to faster results and a safer procedure. The high-resolution digital x-rays offer superior image quality, enabling your orthodontist to plan your braces treatment with precision.

These x-rays allow us to understand your current dental alignment and devise an effective plan for aligning your teeth. The goal is to achieve a lasting, beautiful smile through excellent oral health. The high-resolution images help in identifying dental issues and deciding the type of x-ray needed for each case.

The detailed images from the digital x-rays ensure that every tooth is moved into its correct position safely and effectively. This method reduces the radiation dose compared to traditional methods, making it a safer choice. The result is a custom plan for your braces treatment, promising lasting results.

WHAT ARE   Digital Dental X-Rays

What Are 

Digital Dental X-Rays?

Dental radiographs are images of your teeth, jawbone, and other oral structures. Orthodontists use their expertise to assess the alignment of your teeth. Older technology required printing the x-rays onto plastic sheets, but digital x-rays have revolutionized radiography.

Digital imaging allows orthodontists to quickly evaluate dental structure and create treatment plans. This technology enables instant x-ray film, providing complete smile information.

Digital dental x-rays safety is paramount, as they are a safe and effective method for medical imaging. They provide a quick and efficient way to capture images of your teeth. This technology is not only safer but also faster and more cost-effective. It can help in reducing the overall cost of your treatment.

Before taking your x-rays, your dental professional will ensure your safety. They will use a lead apron and ask you to remove any metal jewelry. These precautions make dental x-rays completely safe.

Digital dental x-rays can help in detecting dental diseases early. They can also assist in identifying bone loss, if any. Remember, early detection can lead to timely treatment and better health outcomes.

WHAT HAPPENS  During a Digital Dental X-Ray

What Happens

During a Digital Dental X-Ray?

Your orthodontist will take x-rays at the beginning of your treatment to develop a treatment plan.

Taking x-rays is very easy: you will be given a lead apron to protect your body from the very low amounts of radiation. You may also have to remove any metal jewelry to keep it from distorting the images. You will stand while the orthodontist or an assistant arranges the imaging instrument against your cheeks. They will take several images of your mouth from the outside.

You may also be given a bite-stick to take bitewing x-rays: these show the alignment of your bite, which is a crucial part of the orthodontic treatment process.

Digital x-rays appear instantly on the screen, where you’ll be able to see a complete picture of your teeth. Your orthodontist can show you what’s misaligned with your teeth and explain the plan for correcting them.

ARE   Digital Dental X-Rays Safe


Digital Dental X-Rays Safe?

Digital dental x-rays are safe. They are safer than traditional x-rays because they don’t need x-ray sheets.

Instead, they instantly create an image on a digital screen. Your records save this image and you can use it immediately for treatment planning. Digital x-rays produce 80% less radiation than traditional ones.

The radiation used in dental x-rays is minimal. The FDA has deemed it safe for children and adults. They give a lead apron to protect against the small radiation used in dental x-rays.

DO   Dental X-Rays Use Radiation


Dental X-Rays Use Radiation?

Yes, to get a complete image of your mouth, dental x-rays use a small amount of radiation. For a series of 4-5 images, you would be exposed to about the same amount of radiation as you would on a several-hour airline flight.

The amount of radiation is very small, so the FDA deems x-rays very safe for children, teens, and adults.

Furthermore, digital x-rays expose patients to even less radiation than the already-small amount used in traditional x-rays.   Digital x-rays dilute the amount of radiation by 80%.

ARE  Dental X-Rays Safe During Pregnancy


Dental X-Rays Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to get digital dental x-rays during pregnancy. You will be provided with a lead apron and the area to be x-rayed is your mouth, far away from the developing fetus.

If you have questions about getting digital x-rays while pregnant, consult your obstetrician or orthodontist. 

CAN I GET  Dental X-Rays with Braces On

Can I Get

Dental X-Rays with Braces On?

X-rays are often taken before the application of metal braces. However, during the course of treatment, additional x-rays may be required. Even during general exams, your dentist may take x-rays while you’re undergoing braces treatment.

Getting digital x-rays with braces treatment is safe. The existence of metal doesn't present a danger.. Your dental professional can still obtain the necessary images.

Lingual braces and Invisalign are alternatives to traditional metal braces. Regardless of the type of braces, x-rays can be taken safely and effectively.

DIGITAL DENTAL  X-Rays Get You Started on a Smile Journey to Last a Lifetime

Digital Dental

X-Rays Get You Started on a Smile Journey to Last a Lifetime!

State-of-the-art digital dental x-rays are just one of the many tools we use to straighten teeth safely, effectively, and with comprehensive results designed to last.

With industry-leading technology and an expert, licensed orthodontist, your smile is in great hands, for a future grin that will keep shining for years to come!